Just under two weeks after Sheldon Adelson’s Las Vegas Sands Corp pulled out of the proposed project to build a huge gaming complex called EuroVegas in Spain, the company’s chief executive let it be known that he had other plans for expansion in Europe.
The construction of the massive EuroVegas casino resort incorporating six casinos, a dozen hotels, restaurants, entertainment venues and retail outlets would have represented a huge and possibly risky investment for the Sands Corp.
For Spain and in particular for the city of Madrid, which won out over Barcelona as the location for Euro Vegas, Euro Vegas could have provided a major economic boost in the middle of a recession.While Euro Vegas would have been a huge gaming and entertainment complex, the new plan for Sands Corp in Europe would involve the construction of smaller integrated resorts.
Sheldon Adelson has said that his group is looking into building casino resorts in some major European cities. The cities under consideration include Madrid and Barcelona in Spain, Paris, Rome and Milan in Italy and Athens in Greece. Adelson has mentioned that these new resorts would be based on the successful integrated resorts that the Las Vegas Sands Corp has developed in Asia.
The company constructed the Marina Bay Sands integrated casino resort in Singapore and has several successful casino resorts in Macau and Sheldon Adelson has plans to also expand further in Asia possibly into Japan, Thailand or Vietnam.
The new European casino resorts would not be in the 30 billion dollar league of the now abandoned Euro Vegas but would only be built in cities which already had all of the facilities in place for tourists, such as transport, hotels, restaurants and conference venues before the integrated resorts would be constructed.
If Adelson’s plans go ahead the proposed European integrated resorts would offer entertainment and conferences along side casino gambling.