Every day Spain sinks deeper into a disastrous economic situation. Certain Spanish parties insist that the only way to get their country out of this crisis is to attract foreign investors. They say that they are even ready to radically change agreements. So Sheldon Adelson’s project to set up a gaming complex in Spain is dividing the different political parties. The Madrid Community believes that this is an un-hoped for opportunity that is presenting itself and that in no case can it be let go by. This is why everything must be put in place to facilitate his arrival. It says that it is in favour of radically changing the law concerning the ban on smoking in public places which would make the EuroVegas casino complex a smoking venue. Esperanza Aguire, the President of the Madrid Community is ready to respond to the demands of the rich American businessman because this gigantic project which will cost 17 billion euros will lead to the creation of almost 230 000 jobs and should attract about ten million tourists.The opposition on the left along with the majority doesn’t see the project in the same light. They believe that this project which is being put forward as being aimed at families is in reality only for the most part aimed at gambling fans. They believe that will lead to an increase in drugs sales, prostitution as well as money laundering. The Foment del Treball Economic service has a more measured response : it understands that the country needs investment of this scale but still doesn’t accept that the laws aren’t the same for all businesses.The General Workers’ Union supports this project which will allow Spain to reduce the number of unemployed. The present disastrous situation in the country doesn’t really allow them to be too choosy and to refuse such an opportunity. Never the less it completely opposes Sheldon Adelson’s idea of facilitating the employment of non-European Union staff while Spain has a level of unemployment of almost a quarter of its population.

EuroVegas, which is just a project for the moment is the subject of major discussions in the government. The not so flattering reputation of the American businessman on the other side of the Atlantic is beginning to tarnish the image of this future casino complex. One just have to wait for a few more months to know whether EuroVegas will be set up in Spain.