It’s not easy working in a casino when one is aware that large amounts of money are circulating daily. Some people claim that it doesn’t affect them but others can’t resist. This is the case of the Seven Casino in Amneville which at the end of March charged its dealer aged just 26. She had been under close surveillance for months and the management suspected her of helping a client, as it turned out her accomplice, and of letting him win with every bet at her roulette table.The director of the establishment, Christophe Schanne, admitted that it was very difficult to unmask them. In fact the gaming tables have several security levels and it is impossible to surpass these measures and to win each time. This is the reason why help from inside the casino itself must have enabled the player to win very large amounts. In order to confirm their suspicions, a charge of fraud was brought and as a result of this an investigation was carried out by the Central Service for Racing and Gaming and also by the police in Metz. This of course led to the dealer and her accomplice being charged and to being released on bail. The two suspects admitted to some of the charges against them. Now, their means of by passing all the security and the amount of their booty need to be discovered. According to the manager of the establishment it’s a question of tens of thousands of euros.The young dealer remains an employee of the casino as long as the findings of the court case haven’t been established.