Best Live Roulette tables : Land based casinos and studios

Live Dealers CAuthentic Roulette from the Casino International Georgiaasino has made a list of the best roulette tables available in live casinos. With a wide range of roulette tables on offer due to the amount of software available, the Live Dealers Casino team is giving you its opinion on the best roulette tables with live dealers. From a studio or real land based casinos, the tables that we recommend are, to our eyes the best and are suitable for both beginner and experienced players. Review of the best live roulette tables chosen by

Authentic Gaming live roulette

It’s natural that Authentic Gaming would appear in our list of leading roulette tables. The developer offers many live roulette tables all filmed in land based casinos. Five real casinos have installed technology from Authentic Gaming so that you, the player, can place your bets at the same time as players who are physically present in the casinos.

Here are the details of this developer’s roulette tables that are making the competition take notice:

These roulette tables are accessible to internet users who can see in real time the tables and the players sitting at the tables. The HD images are exceptional and the reliability of the software can be seen in the bug free, fluid streaming.

Dragonara Roulette: live from the Dragonara Casino in Malta

Dragonara Casino, whose building has been in existence since the 19th century, launched its live roulette table, Dragonara Live in 2015. This roulette table is open to the public and watched by  online players, the players who are actually in the casino can sit at the table. Dragonara Roulette is also accessible to online players who place their bets at the same time as players actually present in the casino.

With bets from €1 to €25 000, this roulette table is open to real and virtual players “watched over” by 17 HD cameras trained on the gaming table. With aerial, side, face on and zoom views Dragonara Roulette is the best real table that we highly recommend to our readers. Online players have the impression of physically playing in the casino itself and it’s only the fact that they can’t actually touch the chips that makes them remember that they are sitting in front of a screen. The players at the table are filmed in real time althought the cameras are set so that the players’ and the dealer’s faces aren’t visible or are only seen in the distance. The advanced features of Evolution Gaming’s technology give online players the impression of being present in this casino in Malta.

The superbe decor in this majestic casino, which is the leading Maltese casino, and the gaming atmosphere all help players to feel at ease while playing under the best conditions. If the team could only choose one live roulette table, it would choose Dragonara Roulette.

Immersive Roulette or simply the art of playing online roulette

Immersive Roulette is a not to be missed online roulette. Immersive because the player is completly immersed in this online roulette table just as if he was Immersive Roulette, best live roulette from Evolution Gamingsitting at a real gaming table in an actual casino. Once again, this is an innovation from Evolution Gaming but this time it’s from a studio rather than from a real land based casino. Immersive Roulette is captured by 17 HD cameras using the same principle as Dragonara Roulette: views from several angles and a superbe female dealer who very competently manages the table. This online roulette is the only one to show in slow motion the last few seconds of the wheel spinning so that the players’ adrenaline mounts as they watch the ball go from square to square before stopping completely. Players can see the ball move slowly over the numbers and stop on the winning number via a camera zooming in. Esthetically, Immersive Roulette is very impressive with a superbe HD image gaming setting (200 images/second) and players are delighted by the various view planes.

You can find Immersive Roulette on serious online casinos such as Dublinbet or Casino Extra, this live casino is a reliable place to play at 80 gaming tables live from real Roumanian or Maltese casinos or with dealers in studios.

Evolution Gaming software is without doubt the best software for live casinos wishing to have completely realistic roulette tables. So whether it’s Dragonara Roulette from a real land based casino or in a studio with Immersive Roulette, players have the two very best roulette tables available in the online gaming industry. These two online roulette tables are the choice of the team.