canadaThere has been an air of scandal blowing through the Canadian government ever since Richard Walker, director of communication in the Industry Ministry, was caught with his hand in the bag. However, the affair had been well concealed but the Canadian station CTV has revealed everything. The man in question went to Las Vegas a few months ago to engage in his passion, gambling and he spent the sum of $ 11 415. But the reason why the population is up in arms is because Mr Walker paid with a government credit card. In order to calm things down, an Industry Ministry spokesperson explained that serious health problems have forced the person concerned to leave his post.

For his part and in the face of the controversy surrounding this affair, the Canadian Industry Minister has explained that Richard Walker has resigned and that he no longer belongs in government. He also confirmed that all of the money has been recuperated and that tax payers haven’t lost a cent. However the Canadians cannot understand why it took Richard Walker five long months to repay his debts when he should have only had two months. It goes to prove that members of government have privileges and that they are not charged for late payment.

The opposition immediately let its discontent be known especially since in 2010, Sebastian Togneri, Christian Paradis’ advisor, resigned for having censored documents which were available to the public.

Christian Paradis’ image has been tainted by all of these scandals and the opposition is now demanding that the Industry Minister hand in his resignation.