1 05, 2019

High Roller owes Australian Casino 43 million AUD

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Asian gamblers are known to be fervent baccarat players. It's not just by accident that casinos in Singapore and Macau have more baccarat tables than roulette and blackjack. One just has to take a trip around Asian casinos to see how popular the game of baccarat is. Players flock to these tables in particular high [...]

17 11, 2018

Fewer VIP players in Macau’s casinos

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From Monaco to Las Vegas and Singapore to Macau, major players called “High Rollers” are vital for casinos to function well. Just one high roller can spend in one evening the equivalent of thousands of  “small” players. Casinos know well how to cosset them so that they'll come to play at their roulette, baccarat or [...]

23 09, 2018

Police arrest a baccarat dealer in Maryland casino

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More than a million dollars! That's the amount that a group managed to win by cheating at a baccarat table in a Maryland casino, with the help of a baccarat dealer. When arrested, he pleaded guilty in court. He could face several years in prison and losing his professional licence.  As our colleagues on the [...]

9 12, 2017

Play Baccarat Live from Queenco Casino on Dublinbet

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The developer Ezugi is in full flight. After launching its two live roulette tables from 2 Maltese casinos, now it has returned with an online baccarat table. But it's not just any baccarat table because it's situated in a real land based casino: Queenco Casino. The casino is in Cambodia. This online baccarat table [...]

4 09, 2017

Manila Casinos launder money from Bangladesh Bank heist

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Manila Casinos launder money from Bangladesh Bank heist, millions of dollars. The amount of the cyber attack could have been higher if Deutsche Bank hadn't asked for more information on the transfers based on the mis-spelling of the word “foundation”. In a cyber attack through the Swift banking network, the hackers transferred 81 million [...]

2 09, 2017

Baccarat players jeopardise the Wynn Casino Macau

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Casinos in Macau like those in Las Vegas, Monaco, Singapore depend greatly on high roller players. These players can spend millions of dollars in just one evening. The casinos do everything to make them feel welcome: private jet, presidential suite, cash advances and other advantages. Casinos know perfectly how to look after these players. [...]

30 08, 2017

Baccarat in Macau Casinos Between Love and Superstition

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When speaking of Baccarat one tends to think of the famous ficticious spy, James Bond, who helped to popularise this game. However many people may not realise that it's also one of the most popular card games among Asian players, the Chinese in particular. They come en masse from Hong Kong and Mainland China [...]

30 11, 2013

Card Fraud in a Swiss Casino

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The punishment has been meted out, fines and jail sentences up to two years for 6 casino gamblers. Over the period of a year from 2008 to 2009, conmen obtained about a half a million euros by using marked cards. A long jail sentence of two years was given to an Italian living in Tessin. [...]