9 03, 2019

Choose your most suitable live blackjack table

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In live dealer games, after roulette, blackjack is the most frequently available card game in online casinos. It's not unusual to find oneself facing fifty live blackjack tables as is the case in Dublinbet or MrXbet. It depends on the amount of software and in the case of these two casinos, we can confirm [...]

23 01, 2018

Online Blackjack with live dealers in full expansion

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All online casinos offer online blackjack just like slot machines and roulette tables. Unfortunately however, not all online casinos have blackjack tables with live dealers. One can't always find blackjack tables hosted by live dealers and filmed direct from studios. However there has been growth in the number of casinos offering players excellent gaming [...]

12 09, 2016

Blackjack player and bank robber

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A gambling addiction can cause certain players, who can’t control themselves, to completely lose their heads. This is true for 52 year old Kerry Johnson a player addicted to blackjack who spends hours sitting at a blackjack table. To feed his addiction he decided that the best thing to do was to go to a [...]

19 10, 2015

Buddhist monk addicted to the game of Blackjack

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Blackjack is a very popular card game in land based and online casinos from Las Vegas to Macau and from Singapore to the casinos of Monaco. Blackjack is a leading casino game and there isn’t any particular profile of a blackjack player. Khang Nguyen Le, a Buddhist monk a member of the Louisianna Vietnamese Association [...]

30 11, 2013

Card Fraud in a Swiss Casino

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The punishment has been meted out, fines and jail sentences up to two years for 6 casino gamblers. Over the period of a year from 2008 to 2009, conmen obtained about a half a million euros by using marked cards. A long jail sentence of two years was given to an Italian living in Tessin. [...]