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15 12, 2013

Who should get the casino tax?

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Casinos are financial godsends for the municipalities. They benefit from two types of levies : a progressive levy of 10% taken by the state and a second levy of 15% on the gross income from gaming after an allowance of 25%. Depending on the municipalities these sums can be colossal as in the case of [...]

11 12, 2013

A Bad Year for the Partouche group

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The year 2012 is a difficult year for the Partouche Group. The third quarter results have been published and aren’t up to the level hoped for by the group. The revenue generated is 112.8 million euros which is a decrease of 7.7%. The gross gaming income has fallen by 8.4% to reach 168.5 million euros. [...]

5 12, 2013

Poker –Football : Dinard Casino

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Poker has become such a craze that many tournaments are organised all year long in the four corners of the earth. Players don’t hesitate to travel thousands of kilometres to compete with the leaders and to attempt to win colossal amounts. In the light of the ever increasing attraction for this game, television stations broadcast [...]

4 12, 2013

Bateliere Plazza Casino in a Critical State

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Situated not far from Fort-de-France, the Bateliere Plazza Casino is one of the two casinos on Martinique. It has 144 slot machines and a traditional gaming room (English roulette, American roulette, Blackjack, Texas Hold’em Poker). It is particularly well known on the island for its shows and the entertainment that it organises all through the [...]

3 12, 2013

The Hunt for Gaming Circles is Open

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The legalisation of online gaming in France couldn’t have taken place without the creation of an Authority for the Regulation of Online Gaming (Arjel). The mission of this independent administrative authority is to deliver licences and to make sure that the operators respect a clearly defined list of regulations; to protect players and to fight [...]

2 12, 2013

Joacasino Montrond- les- Bains : more than just a casino

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Casinos have always been places exclusively devoted to the world of gaming. But since the ban on smoking in these venues, the recession and the legalisation of online gaming, casino directors have decided to widen their range of activities to attract a larger clientele. So restaurants, theatres, discotheques… have appeared in almost all casinos. Thanks [...]

30 11, 2013

Electronic Roulette in the Sables d’Olonne Casino

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Investment inspite of the recession is the watchword for French casinos. Large amounts are being invested in renovating rooms, buying new machines, fitting out smoking areas, entertainment… According to the results it seems that this is bearing fruit and attracting players again. The difference being that these are a new type of player, that is [...]

30 11, 2013

The French and Gambling

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France is in a critical economic situation. A lot of businesses can no longer pay their staff and are forced to close down. The French are worried about their future and many of them finish the month in the red. Faced with this uncertain future, the French prefer to be careful and not to spend [...]