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29 11, 2014

Japan’s loss is a gain for South Korean casinos

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There have been many setbacks to the possible legalisation of casino gambling in Japan. Over the past year the Japanese Gambling Bill never managed to get the necessary support to be passed in parliament and hopes that it would be finally discussed before the end of the current sitting have been dashed again. The Japanese [...]

31 10, 2014

South Korea may develop more Integrated Casino Resorts

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Like several other countries in Asia, South Korea is seeking to attract investment in its gambling industry. In order to encourage international casino operators to develop large, luxurious casino resorts in the country it is believed that South Korea may grant three or more gambling licences in addition to those already approved. There may eventually [...]

22 03, 2014

Caesars Entertainment gets approval for South Korean casino

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The gambling market in South Korea is developing to attract tourists and investment by foreign casino operators. The country’s first licence to open a casino resort has been granted to a consortium made up of Caesars Entertainment, Lippo and OUE Ltd. While this is a first for South Korea, it is also a first for [...]

26 01, 2014

South Korea revises its requirements to entice casino investors

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Over ten years ago, South Korea named several areas around the Incheon International airport as free economic zones. These economic zones were set up to attract foreign investors. Casinos are a mainstay of this inward investment so it came as a shock in the summer of last year when the South Korean government refused to [...]