20 05, 2014

HSBC bank stops allowing credit card use for internet gambling

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The HSBC bank no longer permits its customers to pay for online gambling with the bank’s credit cards. The story has come to the fore again since Malta’s lottery operator, Maltco has asked its agents to stop using HSBC credit cards and to replace them with a card from another bank before the end of [...]

8 02, 2014

Italian politicians back moves to restrict gambling advertisements

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Gambling is very popular in Italy making it one of the top gambling centres in the world, the Italian market is the fourth largest and represents the largest gaming market in Europe. Even with this long history of gambling in the country, there has recently been renewed opposition to its spread by those who claim [...]

4 02, 2014

Changes to Florida’s Gambling laws not likely soon

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Hopes had risen towards the end of 2013 that the question of changes to Florida’s complex gambling laws would finally be dealt with during the present legislative session. However, it now seems more and more unlikely that any amendments will be made to the state’s legislation to open the way for the development of Las [...]

13 01, 2014

Gambling results included in English Health Survey for 2013

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Every year the British National Health service publishes the results of several surveys carried out to produce the Health Survey for England. These surveys are commissioned by the Health and Social Care Information Centre but for the first time ever the report published in December 2013 included a section concerning gambling that was commissioned by [...]