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19 02, 2019

Online gaming legislation in the United States : a complete about turn

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Even though all the signs seemed to indicate progressive changes in the legal area around upcoming  legislation on online cash games in the United States, the Trump administration has just published a decree that is completely opposed to this and could mark the beginning of a new prohibition era in the whole country. Many can [...]

2 10, 2017

British Labour Party wants to ban online gaming sponsorship

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Online gaming sites in particular English sports betting sites are not at all impressed by a statement concerning them from MP Tom Watson. He wants to ban online gaming sites from football pitches. He has gone so far as to compare them to tobacco companies. British sports betting operators also offer online casino games and [...]

21 04, 2015

Online gambling and the Apple Watch

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The new watch from Apple is causing great interest among developers of online gambling apps. Many internet gambling operators are in talks with Apple to allow their clients to gamble using the new Apple watch. The watch is due to be on sale from this week and many have pre-ordered it.. Innovation from Apple The [...]

26 10, 2014

Online Gambling Sweden before the European Court of Justice

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The European Commission recently issued a statement that it was taking legal action against several European Union member states that do not fully comply with European Union law. In the monthly release of decisions concerning infringements, the Commission has referred 11 states to the European Court of Justice. These referrals cover many areas including online [...]

15 10, 2014

Online Gambling to be banned in Singapore

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Singapore’s Remote Gambling Bill was recently passed after its second reading in parliament. The bill was introduced in September but plans had been made towards the end of last year to introduce this legislation to make online gambling illegal in Singapore. The Singapore government wanted to prevent its citizens gambling online for several reasons. The [...]

21 11, 2013

United States and Online Gaming

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The opening up of online gaming has provoked quite a rush in several countries. In France gaming operators have put everything in place to get approval to allow them to function legally just as happened in the United Kingdom, in Italy… The United States have on the other hand from the outset declared their absolute [...]

21 11, 2013

Female Players Attracted to Online Gaming

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For a long time casinos have attracted a typically masculine clientele. However, recent studies have shown that women are nowadays just as likely to be players as men. Their number continues to rise especially since the appearance on online cash games. Slot machines and bingo are the most popular of the games most sought after [...]