The French business woman, Liliane Bettencourt, who is the main shareholder of the famous L’Oreal Group, has been in the news since the end of 2007. This is the date that her own daughter, Françoise Bettencourt-Meyers filed a complaint against François-Marie Banier for taking advantage of her. The artist that she met ten years earlier is accused of benefiting from very large sums of money that he received from Liliane Bettencourt. In order to protect her mother’s interests her daughter decided to make her a ward of court.

For almost five years the Bettencourt family has often made headlines. Now on the 11th of June, the Bettencourt family is again to the fore. In fact, long investigations were carried out to clarify several investments made by the l’Oreal heiress. Since 1987 she had founded with her husband the Bettencourt Schueller Foundation which supports projects in the areas of medicine, culture and humanitarian aid. What drew attention is the investment of 143 million euros in May 2011 in Stephane Courbit’s Lov Group. This transaction took place a little while before she was made a ward of court which isn’t surprising when one examines it closely. In fact, Pascal Wilhelm, who was in charge of managing the Bettencourt fortune is a friend of Stephane Courbit. Investigators are now engaged in throwing light on this investment which makes up 20% of the Lov Group. They hope that the arrest of the lawyer, Pascal Wilhelm and the CEO of the Lov Group, Stephane Courbit will allow them to progress in this enquiry. Responding to these accusations, Pascal Wilhelm explained that he just wanted to make a very good investment for Madame Bettencourt and Stephane Courbit claims that the investor was perfectly aware of this investment.

One must wait for the results of the investigation to see if the person was taken advantage of and also to explain why Madame Bettencourt’s nurse, Alain Thurin is in her will to inherit 10 million euros.