Some casino games are known for their hectic atmosphere or the large amounts available to win and also for their dealers. So when one brings up roulette for example, one immediately thinks of dealers with their various announcements, manipulating the rake and chips and running the game. Even if for several years no one ever thought of doing without them, changes in casinos and gaming has well and truly cast a doubt on the future of the job of dealer. So we will look at the danger hovering over this profession.

The first revolutions in land based casinos

The profession of dealer is a special one requiring certain abilities. Dexterity, calmness and an ability to calculate quickly are among other qualities necessary to be a dealer. For a long time, dealers were an integral part of the various games that required their presence. However, technological developments have enabled games to be offered which mean their presence can be done without. In this way, with the introduction of electronic gaming tables, the role of dealer has been taken over by a computer. Such a gaming table no longer requires qualified staff and so the dealer is no longer useful. On the one hand, land based casinos have gradually introduced the equipment which no longer requires dealers while on the other hand many establishments which have closed their doors and so there is no further work for dealers.

The arrival of Online Casinos

The decline of land based casinos and therefore of the job of dealer is due to the appearance of online casinos on the internet. In fact, the arrival of casinos on the internet has revolutionised the world of casino games. Since everything on it is virtual, human presence is no longer indispensable. All of the games, which traditionally needed the presence of dealers now take place on a computer screen and the different actions of the game are controlled by a mouse.

They ease with which an online casino client can play very quickly made these sites popular. Gradually land based casinos lost out to online casinos so that now they only make up a small part of the world of casino games.

However the disappearance of the profession of dealer doesn’t please everyone. Even if the majority of online casino users are completely satisfied with the instant accessibility of casino games without needing the presence of dealers, there are others for whom this absence is completely negative and it even affects the enjoyment of the game. Due to this, online casinos have found ways to make some of their games a little more realistic.

Live dealers in online casinos

Certain virtual casinos invite their clients to play games with real dealers filmed by webcams. With a large percentage of land based casinos having closed due to the massive arrival on the internet of virtual casinos, the option of a live dealer is a serious alternative. For the moment, this will allow the job of dealer to continue even in the face of land based casinos closing down. So those who have chosen to become dealers can carry on in their profession even if it’s not in a traditional casino.

Online gaming rooms offering live dealers are popular with players because they allow one to experience once again the feelings which remind them of a game with a real dealer. Players who like to watch what the dealer is doing can be reassured by being there for the dealing of the cards and chips exactly as if they were at the same table as him. It’s also an efficient way for online casinos not to lose nostalgic clients who prefer good old land based casinos.