Dream Catcher Live

The phrase “spin it to win it” has been adopted wholeheartedly by Evolution, with an entire category dedicated to its enormous money wheel. Dream Catcher was the first of its live money wheel games to launch in 2017, giving players a chance to win real cash prizes in return for simple gameplay. 

Evolution has transformed the casino world with its selection of live dealer play, but Dream Catcher proves that play doesn’t need to be complicated to be a huge hit.

An immersive experience that’s more like a game show than a casino, Dream Catcher appeals to both new and pro players alike. 

But what’s behind the spinning wheel – could it offer a dream win? We’ve taken a closer look at the live game; here’s what we found. 

Dream Catcher Live : First Look

Dream Catcher is all about the money wheel, and that’s obvious from the first glance of the game. The Evolution studio is illuminated with lots of lights in the background, but there’s nothing to detract from the money wheel in the centre of the screen. 

Just like the gameplay, the design of the studio has been kept simple with no unnecessary complications. Other than the large wheel in the middle, there’s the digital display for the betting at the bottom of the screen, and nothing else apart from the live host. 

How to Play

Dream Catcher is a game that’s based on roulette but with a few extra twists and prizes. The aim of the game is to guess which number the wheel will land on, but unlike roulette, there can be a winner every round with no “house only win” pocket. 

The wheel is split into 54 sections, with the numbers 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, and 40. Some of these numbers are easier to land than others because there are more of them. For example, there are 23 segments numbered 1, but only 1 segment numbered 40.

The amount you could win increases with the difficulty of landing the number, a similar idea to roulette. 

Players choose how much they want to bet on each spin, placing a stake between £0.10 and £10,000. They must then indicate which number they want to bet on.

The wheel must land on this number for the player to receive a prize. 

Bonus Rounds

Dream Catcher doesn’t have a full-blown bonus round, but there is an extra feature that can seriously bump up the winning potential. 

Two segments on the board are multipliers: x2 and x7. If the wheel stops on either of these, all bets are held, and the wheel is spun again. The multiplier is then applied to the number the wheel lands on, giving a larger prize than usual. 

However, things get really exciting when more than one multiplier lands in a row. When this happens, the multipliers are multiplied, not simply added, offering the potential for a huge win. If the wheel stops on consecutive multipliers and you bet on the winning number, there’s the potential to win up to £500,000. 

In November 2021, this is exactly what happened, with four multipliers landing in a row – x2, x7, x7 and x7 – giving a whopping x3430 prize. 

Unlike some of the other live game shows from Evolution, players don’t need to opt in to a bonus round. If you bet on the winning number and a multiplier lands, you’ll win the bonus payout – it’s as simple as that!

Odds, Payouts & RTP

As mentioned above, there is a different quantity of each number on the wheel, so the payout varies depending on what you pick. 

The potential payouts are as follows:

Number Number of segments on the wheel Payout
1 23 1:1
2 15 2:1
5 7 5:1
10 4 10:1
20 2 20:1
40 1 40:1

There are also two segments for the multipliers, one for each. The payout for landing the multiplier is only limited by the game’s maximum payout per bet of £500,000. 

The general RTP of Dream Catcher is 96.58% and overall, comes with a high volatility. However, if you prefer games with a lower volatility, you can adjust the gameplay by betting on the smaller numbers as they have a greater number of segments.

This has the effect of reducing the total potential payout but increasing the probability of a win, thereby lowering the volatility. The number 1 segment has the lowest volatility, while number 40 has the highest, so you can choose the level you are the most comfortable with. 

Pros & Cons


  • Simple and easy to play
  • Unlimited multipliers can deliver huge prizes
  • Tailor the volatility to suit your playing style


  • May be too basic for experienced players
  • No real bonus round
  • Careful bankroll management required due to speed of play

Spin or Bin?

There’s a reason that Dream Catcher Live is such a popular game, and that’s because it ticks every box. The fast and upbeat atmosphere replicates a brick-and-mortar casino vibe, with a speedy game that doesn’t hang around.

The multipliers are unlimited, so if you predict the right number, you could collect a whopping payout.

And best of all, it’s a game that will suit literally everyone because it’s so easy to learn and play. In our opinion, this is the stuff that casino dreams are made of!


Yes. Evolution has created all of its live dealer games to be compatible with mobile devices, so you can play on both iOS and Android. 

Place a bet on the number you think will win, and wait to see where the wheel lands. If it lands on your number, you’ll win a cash prize. If it lands on your number and the multiplier, you’ll collect an even higher payout. Read more here.

No. As this is a live dealer game, it’s not possible to play a demo. However, you can join the game and just watch the action for as long as you want until you feel ready to play.

Dream Catcher is very popular because it’s extremely easy to pick up, even for new players, offers the potential of unlimited multipliers and has a very generous top payout.

The maximum win for Dream Catcher is £500,000. Read here!