Evolution Live Craps Is The Best Online Craps Game

For many years, one of the most popular casino games has been missing from the live casino lineup. That game is craps, and thanks to Evolution, it’s now available at the top live casinos online.

Evolution has now launched a live casino craps game. It’s set in a rustic studio themed like a speakeasy from the prohibition era. With red brick walls, a luxurious mahogany and felt craps table, black and white pictures of legendary gangsters, and a live dealer dressed in black and white, you’ll feel like you’re playing in a real Chicago casino back in the day. As usual, everything is streamed via HD cameras from multiple angles for a fast, seamless live casino experience.

In this Evolution live craps review, we’ll tell you how this game works, and we’ll give you our honest opinion on it. As a world-first, we were very excited to check this game out and review it honestly.

Evolution Craps – What You Need to Know

  • The Evolution live craps studio is themed as a speakeasy. This gives the game a rustic, old-school feel that really adds something special to the game.
  • Evolution has added multiple features to help you understand live craps. You’ll get alerts such as what you could potentially win on the next roll of the dice, how many players are making the same bet as you, and more.
  • You can make single-roll and multi-roll bets in this live craps game. If you’re a beginner, it might be best to stick with the single-roll bets to start.
  • Evolution also offers a first-person RNG version of craps. This is an option if you’re not quite ready for the live dealer craps experience.

How to Play Live Dealer Craps

As always, we really play the games we review. This allows us to give you 100% accurate, fair, and real information. This is what will happen when you play Evolution’s live craps game.

  • When you first enter the game studio, you’ll see the real craps table on the screen, and you’ll see a digital craps board in front of you. This is where you’ll place your bets.
  • Place your bets by dragging digital chips in denominations from £0.50 to £500 onto the craps board. The minimum bet is £0.50, and the maximum bet is £2,500.
  • The dealer will place the dice into a mechanical shooter as the countdown timer runs down on the screen. When it reaches zero, the shooter will throw the dice onto the craps table.
  • The sum total of the dice will be shown on the screen. Bets will be settled instantly.
  • The dealer will drag the dice with his stick to start another betting round. The entire process outlined above then plays out again.

Live Craps by Evolution – Extra Features

Since craps is quite a complicated game and many new players can feel confused and overwhelmed by it, Evolution has taken steps to make it simpler.

  • My Numbers – This handy feature lets you keep track of the numbers you have bet on and their potential payouts. It makes it easier to calculate what you might win and assess your success.
  • Easy Mode – This is a useful feature for new craps players. With one click, the number of betting spots on the board is reduced. Only the easiest bets will show up. This is a great way to get started playing craps.
  • Tutorial – Evolution has created an in-game interactive craps tutorial. You can learn everything about this popular live dice game here. This tutorial features lots of useful information on the various bets you can make.
  • Dynamic Stats – On the wall in the background, you’ll see a dynamic stats board. This shows you in real-time how other players are betting. You’ll see the “Top Numbers” and “Popular Bets” displayed there.

Craps by Evolution – The Pros and Cons

We always like to take a moment to highlight the pros and cons of each live game we review. Here’s our list of pros and cons for this one.

Pros of Evolution Craps

  • Phenomenal Studio – Evolution has paid attention to every minute detail of this game. From the dealer’s clothing to the ambiance of the studio, this is how a live craps game should look.
  • Extra Features – We’ve already mentioned what the extra features are and how they work above. Evolution always goes the extra mile to make the player experience enjoyable. That shows here.
  • Fast Pace – Evolution has managed to keep the notorious fast pace of craps flowing in this studio-based game. Each roll takes less than 30 seconds. The action is non-stop.

Cons of Evolution Craps

  • Less Social – There’s only one potential downside to this game, and it’s difficult to see how Evolution could have avoided it. Because this is a fast-paced and action-packed game, there’s not much time to interact with the dealer. That’s due to the nature of casino craps.

Should You Play Live Casino Craps?

Once again, Evolution has proven itself a true innovator with this new live dealer craps game. It’s as good as it could possibly be. With lots of extra features to make it easy for new players, an awesome studio, and all the excitement and action of a real craps game, we strongly recommend playing Evolution craps right away.

Frequently Asked Questions Live Craps

  • What’s the best bet to make in live craps?

That depends on your appetite for risk and reward. The smaller the potential payout the more chance you have of winning the bet and vice versa. Bets such as hardways numbers can pay 30:1 but are much less likely to land. Consult the craps tutorial in the game to learn more about these bets.

  • What’s the difference between a one-roll bet and a multi-roll bet?

One-roll bets are always settled on a single roll of the dice. For example, if you bet on a single number, that will be settled on a single roll. Hardways bets require a pair to win, so they can be resolved over multiple rolls.

  • Can I interact with the live casino craps dealer?

There’s a chat box in the top left of the game screen. You can use this to send messages to the dealer. Keep in mind that she will be quite busy as craps is an action-packed game. This game isn’t as social as some other studio-based live games.