For a long time casinos have attracted a typically masculine clientele. However, recent studies have shown that women are nowadays just as likely to be players as men. Their number continues to rise especially since the appearance on online cash games. Slot machines and bingo are the most popular of the games most sought after by female players. But for a while now, poker has been quite successful. Almost 40% of female players prefer it to the other games on offer. Men on the other hand have a wider range of tastes and are more attracted by sports and horse racing betting, roulette and blackjack.The gaming behaviour of men and women is completely different. In fact, women are much more likely to develop and addiction to gaming. Some housewives are very vulnerable and easily fall into the gambling trap. With nothing else to distract them or due to loneliness, they log on to gambling sites on the internet and can play as much as they wish. However what they often forget is that these games cost money. A large part of these players then become caught up in a vicious circle: they play even more to try to recoup their bets but in reality they just lose even more money.Female poker players, in particular at a professional level, don’t resemble traditional female players. They know perfectly what they should do to organise their gaming and minutely calculate the risks. More over their observational skills and their patience allow them to be formidable players. This is true of Isabelle Mercier, a player known world wide, who has won many tournaments.Certain operators have clearly understood the enormous potential offered by a female clientele. So now sites offer games aimed exclusively at them. Online gaming professionals know that this clientele will increase over the coming years and this is the reason why they are diversifying their offer in order to attract the attention of these female players..