Las Vegas is known globally as a city of gambling and every excess. Massive complexes have been built and each new construction is even more extravagant than the last. Due to this, Las Vegas has attracted many tourists and has been the favourite destination for gambling fans. Building on its success, the city built other casinos and hotels and created several shows to cater to tourists’ wishes. Unfortunately, its days of glory are now over. Las Vegas has been a victim of the economic crisis which has been ongoing for several years. To re-launch business many offers have been made but haven’t attracted players. Certain hotels have even got into debt and been unable to fill their rooms. Due to this, Las Vegas lost its first place and has been overtaken by Macau and Singapore.However, Las Vegas wants to rebuild its image and maybe even surpass competing countries. This is the reason why a new study is under way: it involves the creation of an immense shopping centre which is to be built on the Strip. The owners of Caesar’s Palace have called in the famous architect and property promoter, Rick Caruso. The investment is about 550 million dollars and is to open in 2013. This project which is to be called Linq will have a huge Ferris wheel with 28 cabins, many shops, restaurants… This open air shopping centre should be on the same grand scale as Rick Caruso’s previous projects. With this project Las Vegas is hoping to burnish its image and to attract tourists. By offering such entertainment, the City of Light is hoping to diversify its business and not be labelled solely as the Gaming City.