Baccarat Side Bets

Baccarat Side Bets from Evolution Gaming

To most new players, baccarat appears to be one of the simplest card games in the casino since there are only three basic bets to make – Player, Banker, or Tie.

Yet, casinos both online and in the real world have come up with dozens of interesting baccarat side bets to increase the excitement and give you extra opportunities to win. As you’ll see here, some of these side bets pay handsomely.

In this guide to baccarat side bets, we’ll show you how to make these bets and what you can win if you’re successful. Baccarat never looked so interesting!

15 Common Baccarat Side Bets

  • 4-5-6 – With this baccarat side bet, you’re wagering on how many cards either the Player of the Banker will end up with. Four cards pay 3:2, and both five and six cards pay 2:1.
  • Big Tiger – If you play Tiger No Commission Baccarat, this side bet is available. It pays 2:1 if the Banker wins with a three-card hand worth six.
  • Bad Beats – These are defined as bets which win by a margin of victory equal to one. If a three-card nine beats a three-card eight, you win 40:1. If a natural nine beats a natural eight, you win 10:1. If eight beats seven, you win 6:1. If seven beats six, you win 4:1. All other victories which win by one pay even money.
  • Dragon Bonus – You can make this side bet in Mini-Baccarat. You’re betting on how much the Player or Banker will win by. If they win by nine, you’ll win 30:1. If the margin of victory is eight, you’ll win 10:1. Hands which win by seven pay 6:1. When the margin of victory is six, you win 4:1. If you win by five, you’ll get a 2:1 payout. Wins by four or naturals pay even money.
  • Dragon/Tiger 7 – This is an EZ baccarat side bet. If the Banker gets a winning hand worth seven which consists of three cards, you’ll win 40:1.
  • Either Pair – If the first two cards which the Player or the Banker get are a pair, you’ll win 5:1.
  • Golden Frog – These side bets are found in a specific baccarat variant called Golden Frog. There are four side bets which you can make. If any eight beats six, you win 25:1. If a two-card nine beats a two-card seven, you win 50:1. If a three-card nine beats a three-card one, you’ll win 150:1. Finally, if a three-card nine beats a three-card seven, you’ll take home 200:1.
  • Lucky Six – This bet pays if the Banker has a winning hand worth six. If he manages this with two cards, you’ll win 12:1. If he wins with three cards worth six, you’ll get paid 23:1.
  • Natural Wins – If you win with a natural eight or nine, some casinos pay 9:1 while others pay 8:1.
  • Panda Eight – This is another EZ Baccarat side bet. You’ll win 25:1 if the Player wins with a three-card hand worth eight.
  • Perfect Pairs – This bet wins if either the Player or Banker receives a pair which is the same in both suit and value. For example, two five of spades would win this bet. Usually, this bet pays 25:1. In some live baccarat games, you can win 250:1 if you get two of them at once.
  • Royal Nine – This bet will cost you $5. You’re wagering on either the Player or Banker having a hand worth nine plus a face card. This is a progressive side bet.
  • Same Suits – In this baccarat side bet, you’re wagering that the first two cards received by either the Player or the Banker will be of the same suit. If this happens, you’ll win 2.87:1.
  • Small Tiger – If the Banker wins with a two-card hand worth six. You’ll win 22:1. This is only available in Tiger No Commission Baccarat.
  • Three Card Wins – It’s possible to win baccarat with just two cards, for example by getting a natural eight or nine. This side bet pays when you correctly pick which bet will win with three cards. Player bets pay 4:1, and Banker bets pay 5:1.

This isn’t an exhaustive list of baccarat side bets. We’re always discovering different side bets as we play at more land-based and live dealer casinos. However, the list above should be enough to get you started making side bets in baccarat.

Evolution Gaming Baccarat Side Bets

Since we’re primarily focused on live dealer baccarat games, this is a list of the side bets you can make in various baccarat games by Evolution Gaming. Each game has its own paytable which you can refer to for clarity before you place these bets.

Evolution Baccarat Side Bets

  • Either Pair – 5:1
  • Player or Banker Pair – 11:1
  • Perfect Pair – 25:1 (one), 200:1 (both)

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Evolution Baccarat Bonus Bets

  • Natural Win – 1:1
  • Win by Nine – 30:1
  • Win by Eight – 10:1
  • Win by Seven – 6:1
  • Win by Six – 4:1
  • Win by Five – 2:1
  • Win by Four – 1:1

Be aware that in Evolution Baccarat games, your side bets can not exceed half of your main bet, and there are betting limits on each one. Refer to the in-game paytable for more information.

Ready to Make Some Baccarat Side Bets?

Now that you’re up-to-date on the best baccarat side bets, why not try some of them out at one of our approved live casinos? Check out our list and choose a baccarat bonus to get started now.

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