Platinum VIP Blackjack : Table for VIP players

Platinum VIP Blackjack : Table for High Rollers PlayersWith Platinum VIP Blackjack, Evolution Gaming aims to offer the best live blackjack table in the world open only to VIP players. While it’s true that this table doesn’t accept bets under $250, it’s difficult to say that it’s an excellent game without having tested it. So we’ve concentrated on its characteristics to discover more about its specific attributes. This online blackjack table appears to be similar to another table for VIP players, Fortune VIP Blackjack, from the same gaming developer.

Live Dealers Casino brings you everything on this  blackjack table live from beautiful studios.

Presentation of Platinum VIP Blackjack

Without question Blackjack is one of the favourite casino games. So it’s logical that many versions have been produced to meet the needs of all types of players. Specifically for High Rollers, Evolution Gaming has developed different versions including Platinum VIP Blackjack , which has bets from $250 to $2000 per game. If your budget can’t run to these bets, then it’d be better to give it a miss. For this range of particularly high bets, like for all its other tables,Evolution Gaming guarantees a real-time, high quality immersive gaming experience.

Rules of the game

An online game of Blackjack begins as soon as you sit at the table and place your bet. As well as the usual bets you can double or split, bet on perfect pairs or on a 21 in 3 cards. If you’re used to playing at Evolution Gaming tables, you’ll notice that there’s nothing really new at this level. The game is played with 8 decks of cards and players have the possibility to take an assurance. An assurance bet means that a player can place a side bet and keep at least half of the amount bet and it doesn’t matter if the dealer or the player is the winner. As the name suggests, this type of bet is a way for the player to ensure that he won’t lose his whole bet. In summary, the rules of  Platinum VIP Blackjack don’t really differ from the rules of the classic version. So one only needs to know the basics of Blackjack and be prepared to bet high to play at this Blackjack table.

Our opinion of Platinum VIP Blackjack

Platinum VIP Blackjack offers various betting options which combine the standard Blackjack rules with innovative functions that meet online players’ needs, especialy those with big budgets. Exciting and attractive at the same time, without doubt it’s one of the best live High Roller Blackjack tables on the market now.  Platinum VIP Blackjack from Evolution Gaming is available on computers and mobile devices.

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