Live Roulette Casinos in MaltaSeveral land based casinos in Malta have signed partnership deals with software developers that allow online players bet at roulette tables. Up to now, Live Dealers Casino has listed three land based casinos using discinct software from two developers. The Portomaso Casino and the Oracle casino use Ezugi technology while the Dragonara Casino uses Evolution Gaming’s. The following is a review of the different Maltese land based casinos with roulette tables open to online players.

Dragonara Casino’s Roulette from Evolution Gaming

We’ll start with the oldest, Dragonara Roulette. This online roulette table from the Dragonara Casino in Malta was available on the internet well before those running on Ezugi. This roulette table won the hearts of online players because it was one of the very first developed. The roulette table is filmed by Evolution Gaming software. This software is well known for the quality of its images, the streaming and the many view planes on the table and the wheel. Evolution Gaming has done amazing work to enable online players to play under the same conditions as clients actually present in the casino. The HD images are marvellous and the transmission quality is perfect. We’d give this table, filmed live from Malta’s leading casino, full marks. Bets go from 1€ to 500€ so both beginner and experienced players can play at this table depending on their finances.

Ezugi, the latest live roulette tables from the Portomaso Casino and the Oracle Casino in Malta

The Portomaso Casino and Oracle Casino belong to the same group. Ezugi has signed a partnership deal with them to provide a single roulette table in each casino. They are both similar, the colour of the mat is the main difference. However, the Ezugi software is the exact same. These online roulette tables are just as good as the those in the Dragonara Casino. The images and streaming are of a very high quality. One can see the players placing their bets on the mat in real time and it’s exactly as if one was there. It’s an excellent gaming table filmed live from the Portomaso Casino and Oracle Casino. Ezugi software is behind this technology that allows online players play live and it works perfectly. Bets go from 1 to 1000€ and high rollers can bet high to win high.

Three excellent live roulette tables from three land based casinos in Malta. If you’re a roulette fan, Live Dealers Casino recommends playing at these gaming tables, you’ll be amazed!!