Comparison of Live Dealer Online Roulette Tables

Roulette is the most frequently played game in land based casinos and in online casinos whether they are traditional online casinos or live casinos. Live roulette is best for players who want the atmosphere of real casinos with the human touch. In fact there’s nothing more frustrating than playing with software that gives random results and which leaves the player in doubt. At least there isn’t this apprehension in live casinos because the female dealer really exists and it’s not just software taking a dealer’s place.

Roulette tables watched over by cameras

At live roulette tables, one can see the dealer spin the wheel, throw the ball and announce the winning numbers. Everything takes place in real time right in front of the players, who are seated comfortably at home, thanks to cameras which film and stream the game to players’ screens. A camera installed above the roulette table zooms in on the wheel so the player can see the results in real time without any trickery and every thing that happens is seen by the cameras under the supervision of the casino manager. In live casinos everything is clear and transparent in contrast to RNG tables which can cause some doubts about the software settings.

Some casinos go even further by filming roulette tables in real land based casinos such as the Saint-Vincent Casino (Italy), The Grand Casino Bucharest (Romania), The Hilton International Casino Batumi (Georgia), The Fitzwilliam Casino (Ireland), The Platinum Casino Bucharest or the Expo Casino Dublin. Online players place their bets at the same roulette tables as the players physically present in the casino thanks to streaming which films and transmits in real time what is going on at the other side of the world and one can also place chips from a distance.

To compare these online casino live roulette tables, we have a list of the different casinos with information on the roulette tables. Several casinos use the same software so we have classified them based on other criteria such as customer service, winnings payout times, the quality of tournaments and bonuses.


Live casinos with live roulette

The mini reviews will give an idea of the live casinos offering good quality roulette.