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Online roulette in live casinos

Live Roulette with live dealers in land based casinosOver the years online roulette has become more and more popular thanks to new technology that offers roulette tables with real live dealers.

Live roulette is offered by several online casinos that specialise in this area and make real tables filmed by webcams that transmit online roulette games live available to players.

Most of the time studios act as casinos and several roulette tables are open to welcome online players from all over the world.

There are also roulette 19 tables filmed in real land based casinos : Foxwoods Resort Casino (USA), London Aspers Casino (UK), London Hippodrome Casino, Dragonara Casino Malta, Bad Casino Homburg (Germany), Royal Casino Aarhus (Denmark), Grand Casino Bucharest, Royal Casino of Riga(Latvia), International Casino Georgia, Platinum Casino Romania).

Live roulette with live dealers

In live casinos there are two types of environment: live from actual land based casinos or from studios. The first “type” is nearest to reality because online casinos offer real roulette games live from land based casinos with real dealers. Cameras are installed in actual land based casinos such as the Foxwoods Resort Casino (USA), Royal Casino Aarhus (Denmark), Hippodrome Casino London, Dragonara Casino (Malta), International Casino Batumi (Georgia), Platinum Casino (Romania), Royal Casino Riga (Latvia), Palace Casino Bucharest (Romania), the Portomaso Casino and the Oracle Casino in Malta.

These tables are filmed live and shown in real time on online players’ screens or smartphones so saving them from travelling to actual casinos. Online casinos offering live roulette allow players to access real gaming tables without the inconvenience of actual casinos such as the need to go out especially in winter or  in the rain.

To access these roulette tables from real casinos, you need to go to Dublinbet with its roulette  tables live from three Irish land based casinos. The other casino that we recommend is Lucky31 which has the best live roulette tables from 7 softwares !

Playing in an online casino also saves the cost of travel, roulette tables are available day and night and it’s possible to sit at a table for a few minutes whenever you wish. Playing at a roulette table in a live casino is a good solution for smokers since land based casinos are now non- smoking. On the other hand, online casinos can’t prevent you from smoking at the tables.

The other option is online roulette tables live from studios which look like land based casinos. In contrast to the first option, the tables aren’t in a real casino but in a studio. Players bet with a croupier at a real gaming table filmed in real time.

The only difference being that the casino in itself doesn’t exist, it’s a studio that acts as a land based casino. All of the live casinos in our guide have these live tables from a live studio using technology from Visionary iGaming, Ezugi, Evolution Gaming, Authentic Gaming or Netent Live.

Online roulette technology

There are several developers who allow online players play at authentic online roulette tables with real dealers and filmed in real time by webcams. It’s difficult to say that certain software is better than another because we have many criteria by which we classify casinos, in particular online roulette.

So to have an idea of the developers specialising in live traditional gaming tables, we have made online roulette videos to give you an idea of the tables that you’ll find on our list.

Whether it’s Visionary igaming’s roulette tables, Ezugi’s online roulette table or Netent’s roulette tables, the technology is different in the areas of the gaming setting, betting as well as the quality of the images of which the prize goes to Evolution Gaming’s Immersive Roulette for it’s HD images.

Discover our selection of the best online roulette tables available at the moment. These live casinos offer the best live dealer roulette tables. We have tested them and were impressed by the atmosphere, the level of gaming, the dealer’s professionalism and the speed of payouts.

Roulette on mobiles

We thought that it was important to create this section because there are more and more roulette players playing live on their mobiles. It’s possible to play online roulette on a mobile in particular at live tables from the London Hippodrome Casino, The Oracle Casino or the Portomaso Casino.

Owners of iOS and Android smartphones can access these roulette tables with real live dealers directly on their mobile phones! These online mobile roulette tables can be found on Casino Extra Mobile, Dublinbet and Lucky31 Casino.

Live Dealers choice of the best online roulette tables

The Live Dealers Casino team has tested various online roulette tables in the best online casinos. We kept our choices to live roulette tables from land based casinos. Dragonara Roulette is an online roulette table in the Maltese land based casino, Dragonara Casino and is definitely worth visiting just like Authentic Gaming’s tables. Playing live from the Saint-Vincent Casino, the Platinum Casino Bucharest or the Hilton Casino Batumi in the presence of players is an unforgettable experience.

These gaming tables are filmed in real time by different developers. Evolution Gaming and Authentic Gaming’s roulette tables are our favourites. With images transmitted live via several cameras, online players can see the table from different angles, aerial view, from the side and from the front.

The faces of the players around the table aren’t visible, just their bodies and hands are visible. Evidently, tables from real casinos are the best that we highly recommend. There are also high quality roulette tables in studios.

I’d like to talk about the wonderful Immersive Roulette with its 17 HD cameras trained on the mat, the wheel and the female dealer and with slow motion effects on the ball. It has a superb set up with a magical setting, viewing effects and the best conditions so that the player feels as if he’s in a real casino. Evolution Gaming’s Speed Roulette with its rapid games can also be added here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Roulette

Invented in its modern form by the famous French mathematician Blaise Pascal, roulette is considered the most popular gambling activity in the world. Thanks to its very simple rules it became a success.

At the beginning of each game, the dealer throws a ball on a cylinder formed by 37 squares (or 38 according to the version) numbered from 0 to 36. For the players, the goal of the game is to guess on which box the ball will stop at the end of each spin. The game is offered today both in land-based casinos and online casinos

Although roulette is a game where luck plays a leading role, some techniques and strategies can help you increase your chances of winning. For some, you need to choose bets where the advantage of the casino is low.

These are bets like red / black and even / odd. If you win with this type of bet, you will receive twice the amount involved. However, others advocate mathematical techniques such as the Martingale system which suggests doubling the bet after each defeat to recover the losses.

But you must keep in mind that, whatever technique you choose, success is not completely guaranteed. Roulette remains a game of chance, and losses are part of the game.

At roulette, there are several betting strategies. These include the Labouchère method, the Fibonacci system, the Paroli method, the Alembert method, not forgetting the Martingales. Set up by Henry Labouchère, the Labouchère system consists, for example, in making only bets on which the chances of winning are 50/50 (Even / Odd, Miss/Pass, Red / Black), which means that if you win you get back the exact amount of your bet.

The Paroli method, which categorically opposes the Martingale, consists of progressively betting larger amounts as you win, in order to accumulate the maximum gains. All these techniques really work, but they do not guarantee winnings every time.

It’s all about strategies to help you manage your budget and maximize your earnings. They therefore have their share of risk. Roulette is a game where results are merely random.

Martingale is the most popular roulette strategy. It exists in several forms, but the basic principle is the same: double the bet after each loss. The system is not prohibited in land-based casinos.

Online, this is a little trickier because many virtual casinos consider martingales as cheating techniques. Be careful to check the terms and conditions of the casino to avoid unpleasant surprises when withdrawing your winnings.

Yes. In land-based casinos, two main versions stand out: the European roulette and the American roulette. The second one is distinguished from the first by an additional box 00. This box represents a small additional advantage for the casino.

Online, these two versions are also present, in addition to other variations such as the French roulette, the English roulette or the progressive roulette. In addition to these there are several versions with live dealers developed in recent years.

To maximize your chances of winning at roulette, it is advisable to focus on the European roulette tables and their variations. They are simpler and have only one box 0; which implies that the casino’s advantage is only 2.70%, against 5.6% on the American roulette table.

In addition, by playing on a French roulette table, you can limit your losses even more thanks to the “bet in prison” rule which allows you to benefit from an additional chance of winning, even when the ball falls on box 0.

Many bets are possible at roulette. The most common are bets on a full number (bet on any individual number from 0 to 36), bets on horseback (on a line separating two numbers), the full transversal (on three numbers of the same row ), the Square (on 4 numbers), the Column (on a whole column), the Dozen (on 12 numbers), Even / Odd (on all even numbers or all odd numbers), Red / Black (on all red or black numbers), etc.

The most risky bet at roulette is the full number and logically, it is the one that pays the most. It’s risky because you’re betting on one number out of a total of 36, so your chances of winning are very small. The pay is 35 to 1, which means that if you win with this type of bet you will receive a payment of 35x your initial bet.

The roulette bet most recommended is the one that offers equal chances. These include bets on Black / Red, Even / Odd or Miss / Pass.

Managing your money at roulette is all about setting a plan that allows you to control your budget when playing in order to avoid heavy losses or bankruptcy. Thus, the first thing is to define a budget and keep it; that is to say, a budget not to be exceeded, whatever happens.

Then you avoid using techniques like Martingale that suggests doubling your bet after each defeat; it has a high risk of loss. Instead, favor bets where your chances of winning are 50% and leave the table when you do not feel lucky.

Many players tend to recover their losses by all means before giving up the game. It’s the best way to lose everything! It’s better to leave the table in time, so that you can play again, when you are lucky.

Live roulette tables are games developed by software publishers and offered on online casinos. Unlike traditional online roulette tables that are managed by computer software with random number generators, here the games are streamed live (live streaming) from furnished studios or even from land-based casinos, thanks to cameras and microphones placed at various locations.

The player is therefore in front of a real dealer in the flesh and he plays in real time. Various built-in features also allow interaction with the dealer and other online players.

Just go to an online casino that offers live roulette tables. You will be able to access different tables from several software developers. Choose the table that suits you and click on it.

Once the page is open, fund your account and make your bet in the time allotted. The dealer will then start the game. At the end of the spin, if your bet is correct, your winnings will be automatically transferred to your account before the starting of a new game.

At live roulette and at RNG roulette, the rules and the course of games are basically the same. However, at live roulette, you can experience the original atmosphere of land-based casinos, which is created by live dealers, which is not the case at RNG roulette where you play against an automatic machine.

Playing online roulette has several advantages. The first is probably the ability to play from home or anywhere, on a PC, a smartphone or tablet. Similarly, unlike roulette tables at land-based casinos, which generally only open a few hours a day, online roulette tables are generally accessible at all times.

Moreover, the offer of games and roulette tables online is much more diversified, with several versions that you will not be able to find in any land-based casino. This is the case for example of the many versions of live roulette currently available.

Finally, online casinos often offer players bonuses and promotions to increase their cash and to allow them to play for a longer period of time. This is not the case in land-based casinos.

Live roulette tables are designed to offer online players an experience as close as possible to that offered in real casinos. However, there are some nuances between the two types of the game. The first concerns the accessibility of tables.

Those of live roulette are usually open full time; which is not the case in real casinos. Then, the diversity and number of live versions available at online casinos are much wider than those available at land-based casinos.

At land-based and online casinos the minimum bets allowed for roulette vary from table to table. In real casinos it is generally $2, while in online casinos a few cents are enough. In all cases, the information is specified on the table.

Yes. Most online casinos offer the free version of the game to allow players become familiar with the rules (but not in live roulettes, only RNG roulettes !)

Of course! Roulette is a game where luck takes precedence over skill, not experienced players can play without any problem.

However, it is necessary to become familiar with the rules of the game, to learn the strategies and methods of managing your budget to maximize your chances.

Yes. Whether in land-based casinos or online casinos, some tables are reserved for VIP players. On the latter, the required minimum bets are higher than on the traditional tables. On some of them, players can benefit from particular advantages.

Yes. There are private game areas reserved for big budget players in which it is possible to play alone against the dealer. This type of selected space is also offered online by Evolution Gaming, in its version Salon Privé Roulette.

On these tables, bets start at $1,000 per spin and players must have a minimum of $6,000 on their player account before accessing it.

Bonuses offered by live casinos (in general bonus are cashback bonus) can be used to play at live dealers roulette tables. With the increase of live games, there are casinos offering exclusive live roulette games in order to attract more players interested in this gaming option.

Playing online roulette is not risky as long as you play at a secured online casino. Before playing on an online casino table, make sure that it uses a reliable random number generator (RNG), as well as an approved encryption system. You will have the guarantee of the fairness of the games and the security of your funds.

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