Authentic Blaze Roulette

The developer, Authentic Gaming launched a new concept of automatic roulette at the beginning of July 2018: Blaze Roulette. This gaming table is different to the other roulette tables because Authentic Gaming has built its reputation on tables filmed live from land based casinos.

Almost all the roulette tables are filmed live from real casinos in the United States (Foxwoods Resort Casino), in Denmark (Aarhus Casino), in Italy (Saint-Vincent Casino), in Romania (Platinum Casino) or in Georgia (International Casino Batumi). Authentic Gaming has made an exception to the rule with these automatic tables in particular with Blaze Roulette.

Live Dealers Casino has tested Blaze Roulette well and lets you know everything about this online automatic roulette table!

Blaze roulette : A rapid automatic roulette table

Blaze Roulette takes place in Live Arena which is an Authentic Gaming studio in Malta. The studio is made up of 6 roulette tables including a main table on which the winning numbers are displayed. However, sometimes a dealer hosts the table even if everything is automatic. Several cameras film the table, the wheel and the studio from different angles. We noticed that the lighting reminded us of Authentic Gaming’s main competitor, Evolution Gaming. Evolution Gaming’s Lightning Gaming sparkles with a thousand lights just like Blaze Roulette. The concept behind these two roulette tables is definitely completely different but visually we can see similarities.

There are 35 seconds between two games of roulette, which is pretty rapid. So it’s possible to play games one after the other without losing time a bit like Speed Roulette from a competitor (Evolution Gaming- Editor’s note). This gaming table is open 24/7 since the 1st of April 2019.

Unmissable online automatic Roulette

If you’re a roulette fan, Blaze Roulette should suit you. This automatic roulette table is situated in a studio with pleasant surroundings and a LED table. There is a light show and the games follow on quickly. No clients at the table means no time is lost changing their money for chips or paying out winnings.

The game takes place quickly and it’s also suitable for beginner players because of the low bets accepted at this gaming table. You can find this table on a PC, tablet or mobile device.

Blaze Roulette live from Arena Studio in Malta