The Hippodrome Casino : At the heart of Leicester Square

Hippodrome casino, London Leicester SquareSituated in the heart of the British capital, the Hippodrome Casino London is largest casino in the United kingdom. Open since 2012 on the site of the old Hippodrome Theatre, the complex dedicated to all types of entertainment attracts thousands from all over Europe every year, both visitors and experienced players.

It has won several accolades over the past few years, the Hippodrome Casino London was named Casino of the Year in 2013 and Best European Casino Operator in 2015.

Live Dealers Casino brings you more on this English casino which has an online roulette table open to online players!

The casino’s range of games

The gaming area in the Hippodrome Casino London is set out over 4 different levels: a main room with a huge bar in the centre, an underground area called Lola’s Underground Casino, gaming rooms and a VIP area on the first floor and a complete floor for the live Pokerstars office.

In the whole area, there are more than 45 gaming tables offering all the main classics like Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, dice games, 3 card- poker, Bataille etc. There is also a wide range of slot machines and other electronic games. At the moment the casino offers more than 100 of these.

The other amenities

Along with its areas for cash games, the Hippodrome Casino London offers its visitors various  amenities. It has a well known Steak House, six different bars as well as a large theatre with up to 180 seats. Private rooms and a covered terrace for smokers are also on offer by the casino.

The Hippodrome Casino and online players

Over the past few years with its reputation, the London Hippodrome Casino has established its presence in the iGaming industry. Thanks to a partnership with the developer Evolution Gaming, online players from all over the world can watch and take part in roulette games that take place every evening at one of the casino’s tables. Without having to travel to the English capital, you can enjoy the exceptional atmosphere in this prestigious casino and play as if you were really present.

This live roulette table is filmed in real time by several HD cameras and the images are transmitted in rapid streaming.

The table in question is open every evening from 18.00 to 6 in the morning with a wide enough range of bets so that all types of players can play there. Both beginner and experienced players can play at this online table with low bets and also large bets for High Rollers!

Online casinos partners of the Hippodrome Casino London

You can play at this Evolution Gaming online roulette table in Dublinbet. This is the most complete casino because it offers online players more than 150 live dealer tables. In addition to this online roulette from the London Hippodrome Casino, you can play at ten more roulette tables coming from other casinos in Italy, Ireland, Malta or Georgia. This roulette table is also available in Lucky31 and Casino Extra, two great casinos with excellent reputations among online players.