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Lucky Ladies Blackjack Side Bet

The Lucky Ladies Blackjack Side Bet is the number one installed blackjack side bet game in the world.  With a huge 1,000 – 1 top payout, players have been chasing the chance at $1,000 – $25,000 wins for many, many years.  Originally brought to market in Washington, Lucky Ladies is distributed by Galaxy Gaming, Inc. from Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Lucky Ladies blackjack side bet is very easy to learn and play.  The only thing that has to happen for the player to win is that the player’s first two cards have to equal 20.  Two face cards, a ten and a face card or an ace with a ten or face card are all winners.  Any other combination of the two starting cards equaling 21 or less than 20 is a losing wager.

How to Play Lucky Ladies Blackjack Side Bet

The most common paytable for the Lucky Ladies blackjack side bet is:

  • Player pair of Queen of Hearts with a dealer blackjack – 1,000-1
  • Player pair of Queen of Hearts (No dealer blackjack) – 125-1
  • Matched 20 (Same exact card and suit) – 19-1
  • Suited 20 (Both cards the same suit but not matched) – 9-1
  • Any other type of 20 – 4-1
  • Other – Lose

Once the player received the first two cards and the dealer has exposed the up card all Lucky Ladies side bets are settled immediately.  Once all winners are paid and all losing bets taken, normal blackjack play commences.  There is no affect on the main game of blackjack when playing on a table offering the Lucky Ladies blackjack side bet game.

House Advantage

The house advantage on the Lucky Ladies blackjack side bet is a whopping 24.71%.  To my knowledge this is the highest house advantage on any blackjack side bet currently available.  The only reason this game is so popular and people play it even with the 24.71% house advantage is the 1,000-1 jackpot payout.  For $1 a player can take a chance at $1,000.  And for $5 or $10, or even up to $25 at some casinos, players can have a chance to win a life changing amount of money.

As with any side bet, your chances of winning at blackjack are decreased when playing the side bet, but if you want to take a chance at a large jackpot, this is the game.