Lucky Lucky Blackjack Side Bet

The Lucky Lucky Blackjack side bet is a side bet that has many paytables and many different ways to win.  It was one of the first, if not the first blackjack side bet ever to use both of the players first two dealt cards and the dealers up card to determine the wager.  Lucky Lucky has been around for probably at least 10 years and has hundreds of placements in casinos across the Country.  It is currently distributed by Aces Up Gaming, Inc.

How to Play Lucky Lucky Blackjack Side Bet

Lucky Lucky is a pre-deal blackjack side bet, meaning all bets are placed prior to the dealer starting the round.  A bet on the Lucky Lucky side bet gets the player a chance to win eight different ways!  And with those eight different ways to win, three of them are 50-1 or larger.  This is a big reason this side bet has been so popular.  With 8 ways to win, players will win something almost 25% of the time.  This is a pretty good frequency for a blackjack side bet and keeps the players interested in playing.

After receiving your cards and seeing the dealer up card, all hands are settled.  The eight ways to win are:

  • Suited 777
  • Suited 678
  • 777
  • 678
  • Suited 21
  • Total of 21
  • Total of 20
  • Total of 19

House Advantage

Lucky Lucky has a wide range of paytables creating a wide range of house advantages.  Casinos can choose from anywhere between 2.66% and 12.57% using a 6 deck shoe.  One of the more common paytables and corresponding house advantage is:

  • Suited 777 – 200-1
  • Suited 678 – 100-1
  • Unsuited 777 – 50-1
  • Unsuited 678 – 30-1
  • Suited 21 – 10-1
  • Unsuited 21 – 3-1
  • Total of 19 or 20 – 2-1
  • All others – Loss

Using this paytable the house advantage is 5.31%, which is a pretty fair house advantage for a blackjack side bet.  It’s also a pretty entertaining side bet and as mentioned above, will payout around 25% of the time.