Mega Ball’s Review

Evolution Mega Ball

Evolution is constantly innovating and creating new, exciting games for live casino players. In April 2020, it officially launched its first live numbers game called Mega Ball.

This game brings elements of keno, lottery, and bingo together into a fast-paced and potentially highly rewarding live casino game.

In this Mega Ball review, we’ll tell you how to play Mega Ball, what you could potentially win, how the game works, its pros and cons, and a lot more, too.

Mega Ball – Key Features

  • This live game is powered by Evolution. This is the market leader, and you can trust it. They always deliver high-quality live games.
  • Payouts of up to 999,999:1 your stake if you match six lines on a single game card.
  • Hosted in an atmospheric green and gold game studio with multiple HD camera angles and an entertaining game host.
  • The ability to buy packs of up to 25 cards at a time – how many cards you can buy depends on your stake per card. The maximum is 200.
  • Bets from just £0.10 per draw. High stakes players can wager up to £100.

How Mega Ball Works

We got a chance to play Mega Ball as soon as it was released. We’ll guide you through the process of how to play Mega Ball here. This is exactly what will happen when you play it live.

  • When you enter the Mega Ball studio, you’ll see the ball machine spinning in the background. The live game host will explain a few things, such as how many cards you can buy in packs and a little bit about the game.
  • You’ll need to set your “value” and then purchase cards one by one or in packs. The total bet is calculated under each pack. For example, if your bet value is £2 and you buy a pack of 10 cards, your total bet will be £20.
  • Once the countdown timer on the screen runs out, the betting window closes, and the draw begins. 20 balls will be drawn in total, and numbers will appear on a gold screen in the background as they are drawn.
  • As you match numbers, they’ll be marked off on your cards. When you create winning lines, they will also show on your cards as a gold line.
  • After the main draw, a “Mega Ball” will be chosen. This can award a multiplier of up to 100x. All of your winnings will be boosted accordingly on the screen.

If you win multiple lines on one card, you can win bigger payouts. For example, if you get six lines on one card, your payout could be between 9,999:1 and 999,999:1. Hope for as many lines on one card as possible!

Mega Ball – Extra Features

Almost all Evolution live games have extra features that make them easier or more enjoyable to play. Here are a few of the extra features we noticed in Mega Ball.

  • Card Packs – The ability to buy packs of up to 25 cards at a time before the draw. This saves time since the betting window is under 15 seconds.
  • Interactive Cards – Cards move on the screen as you match numbers. The cards with the best chance of creating wins move closest to the top.
  • Prize Tracking – Matched numbers show on the screen as well as prize amounts you have won. These will be boosted when the Mega Ball multiplier is applied.
  • Game Records – In the bottom right, you’ll see all of the balls that have been drawn and how many balls there are left to draw in one round.
  • Chat Feature – If you have any questions about the game, how it works, what you can win, etc, there’s a chat feature, and the game host will happily answer your questions.

Are There Any Negatives to Mega Ball?

No live dealer game is perfect for every single player. While some players might not view these as negatives, they could potentially be for others.

  • Fast Pace – We had to play this game a few times before we fully understood it. It is fast-paced, and it’s all over quite quickly, and there are quite a few game elements.
  • Less Social – Whereas other slower-paced games give you more time to chat to the host, she’s quite busy during this game. There’s less chance to interact through the chat feature.
  • House Edge – A rough estimate of the house edge is 4.6-4.95%. That’s higher than most slot machines. However, the high-value prizes offset this to some extent.

Mega Ball – Player’s Verdict

If you’re a fan of lotto-style games like keno, there’s a high probability that you’ll love this game. We’ve been waiting for a live dealer lotto game for quite some time, and finally, Evolution Gaming has delivered it.

You’ll likely have to play it a few times to fully understand all of the game elements, but this looks set to be another Evolution Gaming classic. We enjoyed it, and we think you will as well.

Mega Ball FAQ

No. Evolution Gaming is a totally trustworthy game provider. They have won dozens of industry awards and are a legitimate, safe game provider.

It’s not going to be easy. We played several rounds and managed to match two lines on one card. To win this massive multiplier, you need to match six lines on one card, and you’ll need the 100x multiplier to land. You’ll need to get extremely lucky.

There are some New Jersey casinos which offer Evolution live games, and we’re aware that the company has plans to expand in the USA. However, players in most states won’t be able to play Mega Ball online yet.

Mega Ball is the first live dealer lotto game. If you enjoy keno and lottery games, this will be right up your street. As usual, Evolution was first to the punch with this first-of-its-kind live game. You’ll play in a fast-paced lottery draw in a stylish green and gold studio.

When it was released, this was the only live lottery game online. There are still very few games like it. Most of the other live games online are variants of classic casino table and card games. This is a real keno draw with a game host, ball machine, and interactive digital keno cards.

Yes. It is regularly tested by the gaming authorities that license Evolution. That includes the UKGC, MGA, and some other authorities. You can trust this game.

RNG keno and lotto games can be fun, but they get a little lonely. Instead of selecting numbers on a digital screen and playing against a computer algorithm, why not purchase cards and play with a friendly and entertaining game host?

The smallest wager you can  make is £0.10 per game. If you want to play for higher stakes you can bet up to £100 per game.

We recommend playing this game at any of the following three live casinos:

You can read full reviews of these live gaming sites here. All of them offer many different Evolution live games.

No. You can enter the studio and watch the game at no cost if you wish. However, if you want a chance to win real money, you’ll need to place a wager. Since bets start from just £0.10 and most casinos have minimum deposits of £10-£20, it really won’t cost that much to play.

News About Mega Ball

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