No Commission Baccarat : Save on commission!

Live Dealers Casino brings you all the details on the No Commission Baccarat GameIn baccarat it’s possible to to bet on the player’s hand and also on the banker’s. In almost all versions of the game, when one wins by betting on the latter, the casino deducts a 5% commission from the player’s payout. Set up to balance out a little the probability of higher winnings based on this bet, a lot of players aren’t at all happy with this commission. In order to satisfy everyone, Evolution Gaming has developed a new live table which doesn’t have this commission. This table is No Commission Baccarat which is now accessible in the developer’s partner casinos.

Live Dealers Casino brings you all the details on this live baccarat table.

The same basic rules

If you know the rules of classic Baccarat, we can reassure you straight away; these will suffice. You won’t need to learn any extra rules. This version uses the same basic principles as the other versions of the game. So one should always bet on the the stronger hand either the player’s or the banker’s. The cards still have the same values: one point for the ace, 0 points for the 10 and coloured cards and their face value for the other cards (from 2 to 9). The rules for drawing the supplementary cards from the player’s side as well as the dealer’s don’t change either.

Changes compared to other online live baccarat tables

The only thing that changes in this new Evolution Gaming version is the amount you’ll receive if you bet on the banker’s hand winning and you win. You’ll get the usual 1:1 payment (you get back your bet plus once its value) without the usual 5% commission being deducted. In the other versions, this commission is automatically taken by the system and you only get the balance. Here, that isn’t the case and you leave with a better payment.

We need to say though that if the dealer’s winning hand is an 8 (natural), the payout is only 1:2: without commission of course.

Other characteristics of the game

In general, the Live No Limit Baccarat table is similar to Evolution Gaming’s other tables. The gaming interface is so well organised that it’s simple and easy for players to use. Using different buttons you can quickly manage your bets and customize your gaming experience by regulating sound effects, views etc. Live chat is also available.

Live Casinos offering No Commission Baccarat

Partners of the developers for many years, Stakes, MrXbet, Extra Casino, Dublinbet and Lucky31 Casino are among the online casinos offering the new No Limit Baccarat table in their range of live dealer games.