Blackjack Party From Evolution

Evolution is the runaway leader when it comes to live casino games. Blackjack Party is a variant of the world’s favourite card game – blackjack aka 21.

If you want to play blackjack in an upbeat party atmosphere, this could be the game for you. Better yet, you can make use of the game-changing “bet behind” feature is the tables are full.

Learn more in this Blackjack Party review.

Blackjack Party – Key Features

  • Operated by Evolution – named EGR Live Casino Supplier of the Year every year since the awards began.
  • It’s a standard American Blackjack game with eight decks of 52 cards.
  • Fun, party atmosphere with lively music and bubbly, sociable live dealers who entertain as the game unfolds.
  • The Bet behind feature means you can play even when the tables are full and bet behind players on a hot streak.
  • Multiple side bets including Bet Behind, 21+3 and Perfect Pairs can offer extra action and opportunities.

How Blackjack Party Works

If you’re already familiar with how blackjack works, there won’t be much of a learning curve with this variant. The main difference in this game is the atmosphere of the live game studio. The information below is a breakdown of how a Blackjack Party game works from start to finish.

  • First, the dealers will welcome you to the table and will let you know when a new betting round begins. You’ll see the digital chips on the screen in front of you when it’s time to bet.
  • Chip values range from £0.50 to £100. The minimum bet per hand is £5 and the maximum is £1,000.
  • Place your bets on the table by dragging your chips into the correct position. Remember, you can make standard bets or several side bets.
  • When the betting window closes, the dealer will issue you and other players with two cards each. The dealer will also get two cards, one of which you can see.
  • At this point, a standard game of American blackjack follows. You can hit, stand, double down, take insurance, split pairs, etc, depending on how the game goes.
  • All bets, including side bets, will be paid instantly.

Blackjack Party – Side Bets & Extra Features

If you’re already a blackjack expert, you can skip this section. For everyone else, we wanted to explain how the side bets and extra features work in Blackjack Party.

  • Bet Behind – This is a great feature which allows you to bet with other players if all seven seats at the table are full. You can observe which players are on a lucky streak and then bet with them while you wait for a seat to become available.
  • Perfect Pairs Side Bet – You can win bigger payouts if your first two cards make up a pair. Pairs can be defined as mixed, coloured, or perfect.
  • 21+3 Side Bet – You can introduce a poker-like element into the game by wagering on poker-style hands made of your first two cards + the dealer’s up-facing card.
  • Pre-Decision – You can make your decision about whether you want to hit, stand, Double Down, or split at the same time as other players. You won’t have to wait for your turn.

Are There Any Negatives to Blackjack Party?

Here are some of the potential downsides of Blackjack Party as compared to some of Evolution’s other variants.

  • Some players find the £5 minimum too high. In this case, you should check out Free Bet Blackjack, which has minimum bets of just £1. Alternatively, try the Bet Behind feature which has smaller minimum bets of £0.50.
  • Some players find the party atmosphere of this blackjack variant to be distracting. If you like a quiet atmosphere, it might not be for you.
  • If you’re a high roller, it’s possible that £1,000 maximum bets are too small for you. In that case, some other Evolution Gaming blackjack variants offer maximum bets of £5,000 or more.

Blackjack Party Strategy & Tips

  • While splitting is permitted in this game, it’s not advisable to split high pairs such as 9s or 10s. Too many players rush to do so and inadvertently split a would-be winning hand.
  • Don’t be afraid to use a blackjack cheat sheet. Remember, the live dealers can’t see you, so you can download and print a blackjack strategy sheet for reference.
  • While the side bets have enticing payouts, they also have a higher house edge. Wait until you are playing with house money before you make those (unless you are feeling lucky).

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Blackjack Party Game – Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you will win the same payouts as the active player. However, you don’t necessarily have to bet the same amount as them. If they’re a high stakes player and you only want to bet the minimum, that’s permitted.

The minimum bet is £0.50, and the maximum bet is £100. This allows Evolution Gaming to offer action to lots of players while controlling the risk.

You can interact with them via the chat box, which is visible on the screen. You can also see what other players are typing. The dealers can’t see you at any time. It’s a private gaming experience.

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