Lucky Blackjack : online blackjack table

Very much present in Euroean online casinos for more than a decade, the developer Evolution Gaming has formed strong partnerships with some of these. This is true for the “Three Musketeers” which are Dublinbet, Lucky31 Casino and Casino Extra which have all of its tables in their respective live sections. As well as offering all of Evolution Gaming’s tables as soon as they are launched, these three online casinos have also developed some exclusive tables in partnership with the Riga based developer. Lucky Blackjack, an unusual online blackjack table is among these.

Live Dealers Casino invites you to discover in detail, the live blackjack table Lucky Blackjack and its Lucky Cards.

The concept behind this online blackjack table

Developed by Evolution Gaming exclusively for the three online casinos (Dublinbet, Lucky31 Casino and Casino Extra), Lucky Blackjack is a live dealer blackjack table transmitted from one of the Riga based developer’s many land based studios.

Developed specifically for certain promotions, it’s quite similar to the usual blackjack tables with the difference that in amongst the cards are “Lucky Cards”. Placed randomly among the playing cards, these cards have three colours: Green, Orange and Red and Gold. When a player gets one in his “hand” and only under this condition, he straight away wins in cash the amount based on the colour of the card. The green cards are worth €21 (40 cards), the orange are worth €120 (11 cards) and the red are worth €210 (4 cards). Only one Gold card is worth €1000. These cash winnings are credited to the player’s account and can be used for any of the casino’s other games.


Apart from the difference of having Lucky Cards, the rules are the same as those for any classic Blackjack table. The Lucky Blackjack table can have up to 7 players and that’s without counting the “back” bets. It needs to be said that these bets aren’t taken into account for giving out the winnings linked to the Lucky Cards. A Blackjack pays out 3:2 and specific bets like an assurance are allowed.

The Gaming Interface

Like at its other live dealer tables, Evolution Gaming guarantees an optimal gaming experience with irreprochable images and streaming. Intuitive and easy to manage, the gaming interface has been greatly simplified so that players can remain concentrated. The usual functions such as volume and image controls are present and one can chat live with the casino and the other players at the table.

Opening hours and betting levels

Within the promotions organised by the three casinos mentioned above, the Lucky Blackjack table is open every day from 14.00 to 02.00 Central European Time. Bets at the table start at €5 and rise to €1000 per game. These bets don’t have any effect on the value of the winnings from the Lucky Cards, which are not variable.