Multiplay Blackjack

With Multiplay Blackjack, Authentic Gaming delivers a top-class live dealer table game to an unlimited number of players!

There’s also a range of intriguing and potentially rewarding side bets to enjoy, in addition to the usual buzz of the online blackjack table.

Find out how you can get involved today at Live MrMega casino, while picking up a £50 bonus into the bargain.

What is Multiplay Blackjack

Launched late in 2021, Multiplay Blackjack was Authentic Gaming’s first foray into the world of unlimited blackjack tables. And a stylish one it is too, with high quality streaming, charismatic live dealers and a classy studio backdrop.

The main attraction of this particular live dealer blackjack game is that there’s no need to worry about finding an empty seat. Everyone who turns up at the table is welcome, as they all play the exact same hand.

There is quite literally no limit on the number of participants, who are all able to make completely independent decisions on the hand dealt.

Perhaps best of all though, there are 30 side bets on offer to help keep things fresh and exciting. With additional payouts of up to 2,000 to 1, these Multiplay Blackjack side bets can be extremely lucrative!

Multiplay Blackjack Rules

This live dealer game plays out much like the majority of blackjack titles found at online casinos. However, there are three key differences between Multiplay Blackjack and other live dealer titles. The first is that any number of players can join, while the second concerns side bets. But this game also introduces the option of early cashout.

Basic Rules

Here are the basic rules of Multiplay Blackjack:

  • There are 8 decks in the shoe, which is shuffled approximately halfway through.
  • Standard Vegas rules apply, with the dealer receiving two cards. They will draw on 16 and stand on 17.
  • Aces are worth 1 or 11. Picture cards are worth 10. All others retain their face value.
  • Make 22 or more and you’re out of the game.
  • Split Aces only receive one additional card.
  • You may double down after a split. 

After your first two cards are dealt and you’ve seen the dealer’s upcard, you’ll receive an offer to cash out. If you accept the offer, you turn ends, although any side bets remain active. But if you decline, you’ll play the hand as usual.

Side Bets

There are six categories of side bet available, each with various options. They are as follows:

  • Perfect Pairs 
    • Perfect Pair: 25 to 1
    • Coloured Pair: 12:1
    • Mixed Pair: 6 to 1
  • Lucky Ladies 
    • 2x Queen of Hearts: 100 to 1
    • Matched 20: 30 to 1
    • Suited 20: 10 to 1
    • Any 20: 3 to 1
    • Any Queen: 1 to 1
  • 21+3
    • Suited Trips: 100 to 1
    • Straight Flush: 40 to 1
    • 3-of-a-Kind: 25 to 1
    • Straight: 10 to 1
    • Flush: 5 to 1
  • Lucky Lucky 
    • Suited 777: 200 to 1
    • Suited 678: 100 to 1
    • Off-suit 777: 50 to 1
    • Off-suit 678: 30 to 1
    • Suited 21: 10 to 1
    • Off-suit 21: 3 to 1
    • Any 19 or 20: 2 to 1
  • Top 3
    • Suited 3-of-a-Kind: 270 to 1
    • Straight Flush: 180 to 1
    • 3-of-a-Kind: 90 to 1
  • Buster 
    • 8 or more with player blackjack: 2,000 to 1
    • 7 with player blackjack: 800 to 1
    • 8 or more: 250 to 1
    • 7: 50 to 1
    • 6: 18 to 1
    • 5: 4 to 1
    • 4 or 3: 2 to 1

Gameplay Example 

Here’s a quick runthrough of the game to help you understand the flow.

  • Bet placement. Click the chips at the base of the screen to place a wager.
  • Side bets. If you opt to play the hand, you can also bet on any of the 30 side bets.
  • Cards dealt. After betting ends, the dealer distributes a hand to each player, as well as themselves. If an Ace shows, they will check for blackjack and offer insurance.
  • Decision time. In turn, every player must opt to stand or take additional cards. Depending on the value of the hand, you may also split or double down.
  • Hand reveal. After all players have acted, the dealer will reveal their hand. They must stand on 17 and above, taking further cards with 16 or less.

Multiplay Blackjack For Mobile

If you enjoy playing live casino blackjack on the move, Multiplay Blackjack and MrMega are the perfect partnership for you. This Authentic Gaming product was designed with smartphone and tablet players in mind. So you are assured of a smooth and pleasant user experience.

On top of that, MrMega mobile casino is one of the best around. A simple and intuitive interface combines with the latest security and trusted payment providers to guarantee a safe casino environment. The £50 welcome bonus is not to be sniffed at, either.

FAQ Multiplay Blackjack

This live dealer blackjack title is part of Authentic Gaming’s product range.

As we explained elsewhere, the Multiplay Blackjack rules are basically the same as any traditional game of 21. The main difference is the side bets on offer, plus the fact that the number of seats at the table is not fixed. You can also cash out early.

You’ll first need to create an account with your chosen casino. We recommend MrMega for its straightforward signup process. Once registered, visit the cashier to deposit real money, head to the live casino and open up Multiplay Blackjack. You can learn about the rules further up this page.

Authentic Gaming lists the Multiplay Blackjack RTP as 99.50%. But in truth, the payout rate of any blackjack game depends upon your chosen playing strategy.

Absolutely. At MrMega, it’s possible to play this and every other live casino game on any iOS, Android or Windows device. Tablet and smartphone players are promised a smooth and immersive experience.