Playtech is one of the leading live gaming companies in the world. It’s the main competitor of Evolution, and like its rival, it’s always innovating, creating new and interesting live dealer blackjack and other games, and leading the industry forward.

We decided to check out a new online blackjack live dealer game from Playtech called Quantum Blackjack. It brings together the excitement of live casino gaming with the chance to win massive multipliers if luck is one your side.

So how does Quantum Blackjack work? What multipliers does it offer? Where can you play it online? Find out answers to these questions here.

Quantum Blackjack – Key Features

  • Quantum Blackjack is powered by Estonian iGaming giant Playtech. This is a market leader in live dealer games. A world-class gaming experience is guaranteed.
  • You can wager between £1 and £500 per hand in Quantum Blackjack. This live dealer blackjack game is suitable for players with any size of bankroll.
  • Before each game, multiple blackjack cards are selected and random multipliers apply to them. If you get these in your hand and win, your prizes will be boosted by these multipliers. Because multipliers compound, it’s theoretically possible to get a 1,000x payout.
  • Quantum Blackjack also offers two sides bets. There are the 21+3 and Player Perfect Pairs bets. These can be made separately from your main blackjack wager.
  • The game takes place in one of the best online live dealer blackjack studios we’ve seen. It has a futuristic “electric” feel to it. This is typical of Playtech’s Quantum range of games.

How a Game of Quantum Blackjack Works

What will happen if you play Quantum Blackjack online? It’s different to most live blackjack games, so let us explain how it works before you jump in.

  1. When you enter the studio, the dealer will invite you to place your bet. You do this by dragging the digital blackjack chips onto the Quantum live blackjack table.
  2. The Quantum cards will be identified before any action takes place. They’ll be displayed on a monitor behind the dealer along with their respective multipliers.
  3. The dealer will then proceed to deal the cards as in any other blackjack game. You’ll get two initial cards, and the dealer will get two, one of which will face down.
  4. You will have a window of opportunity to stand, hit, etc. You’ll see a countdown timer on the screen to let you know how much time you have to decide.
  5. The showdown then takes place. If you win with Quantum cards in your hand, you’ll benefit from their multipliers. If you beat the dealer with three Quantum cards, you’ll win 1,000x.

Extra Features of Playtech’s Quantum Blackjack

What makes this blackjack online casino live dealer game special? It all comes down to a couple of extra features.

  • Quantum Cards – Even one of these in a winning hand will be enough to multiply your wins. Two or more will multiply together for extra large wins. For example, two 3x Quantum cards would get you a 9x win. Get three and win your hand, and you’ve hit the 1,000x jackpot.
  • Game Theme – The Quantum theme of this game is superb. The studio is futuristic, the beautiful live dealers are smartly dressed, and even the Quantum blackjack table is eye-catching. You’ll want to stay and play for hours.

Player’s Verdict – Should You Play?

We’ll come right out and say that this is one of the best live blackjack games online today. Playtech has taken things to a whole new level with this game, and we doubt you’ll find any more exciting live blackjack game.

Sure, the chances of winning the 1,000x multiplier are extremely slim. However, it’s still worth playing. You can enjoy it at any live dealer blackjack casino we’ve recommended on this site.

Live Quantum Blackjack – Frequently Asked Questions

It’s available in some states with legalized online gambling. For example, you can play it in states like New Jersey and Michigan.

Playtech’s games are certainly not rigged. Yes, all casino games have a house edge, but that’s not the same thing. You’ll end up winning a fair number of hands when you play Playtech live dealer games.

Quantum Blackjack is not available for free. You’ll need to bet at least £1 per hand to play. You can watch the game for free until you understand it, but when you want to sit at the table, you’ve got to put down some chips.

It’s better by almost every measure. The multiplier cards, the cool game studio, and the professional live dealers make it one of our top-rated live dealer games.