The opening up to competition of online cash gaming in 2010 has led to major upheaval in the gaming world. Very many sites sprang up and the market was completely submerged. That was the reason why it was necessary to urgently put in place an independent administrative authority to regulate the internet gaming sector. As a result the French authorities decided to create an Online Gaming Regulatory Authority (Arjel). It has several functions: to grant licences to operators who scrupulously respect the regulations, to do battle with illegal sites, to fight money laundering and to make sure that players don’t become addicted. Other European countries have themselves set up similar organisations. This is the case for Great Britain which has put the United Kingdom Gambling Commission in place.Since the 5th of April last, France and Great Britain decided to collaborate by sharing their experience and skill to establish a legal framework. This measure appears to be completely necessary since the opening up of borders and consequently online cash gaming, point to the need for similar legislation on both sides of the Channel. At the moment players can travel in complete security and within a perfectly regulated framework.This association of two European countries has already made the headlines and should soon lead to new agreements with other member countries, something that makes the European Commission happy. In May several European Community regulators should meet in Budapest to discuss online cash gaming. This meeting should definitely be enriching for all the participants and should lead to a deeper knowledge of the market.The financial stakes are so high that one can bet that agreements between the European Community member countries will develop rapidly.