Authentic Roulette Casino International Batumi (Georgia)

Do you want to have a real adventure playing a game with a live dealer? Try  Authentic Roulette Casino International  from Authentic Gaming which is one of the range of games recently put on the market by the developer, this version guarantees players as realistic an experience as is possible.

Presentation of the game

Authentic Roulette Casino International is one of the live dealer games which are adding to Authentic Gaming’s fame. Its name comes from the land based casino where the games take place, the Casino International Batumi which is within the sumptuous Hilton Hotel in the town in Georgia. The town is on the Black Sea just a few kilometres from the Turkish border.

The integrated interface in this version is the same as that found in Authentic Roulette Turbo, another variation of roulette from the same developer. The traditional virtual table is transparent in the centre of the interface and the wagering and settings buttons are on either side of it. This makes playing the game very easy for all players both beginner and experienced.

Features of Authentic Roulette Casino International

Authentic Roulette Casino International follows  rules that are similar to those in the European version of Roulette. However there are some features that are specific to it, for example as well as the house advantage which is only 2.7%, the games take place very quickly, a game of Authentic Roulette Casino International only lasts 60 seconds. In order to do this, Authentic Gaming has integrated into the game a system where by the dealer can gather the bets while the wheel is spinning.

This doesn’t have any negative impact on the game (See the Authentic Roulette video). As is usual, the results are given at the end of each game but here the payout is immediately credited to the winners’ account while a new game is automatically launched. The game’s interface also allows one to keep frequent bets as favourites and also the game’s statistics to refine one’s strategy.

Opening hours and wager levels

One doesn’t need to be rich to bet at an Authentic Roulette Casino International. Only 1€ is needed to start a game but major players can also enjoy this game, they can bet up to €6 000 per game.

So the range of betting is large enough to make the game accessible to all types of players. Casino International’s doors are open every day from 9.00 to 4.00 in the morning. So between these hours one can play  Authentic Roulette Casino International in an online partner casino.