Authentic Roulette Turbo from Authentic Gaming

Authentic Roulette Turbo from Casino International of Batumi in GeorgiaAuthentic Roulette Turbo from the Casino International Batumi. Since it was created in 2015, the live casino developer Authentic Gaming made clear its intention to conquer the market and it has put everything in place to succeed. It specialises in the exclusive provision of roulette games and this suits it perfectly. In this review we deal with one of its variations, Authentic Roulette Turbo also known as Casino International Roulette.

A game streamed live from Casino International

Casino International is an actual casino situated in Georgia, in the Hilton Hotel Batumi. The Authentic Roulette Turbo games are streamed live from this location. It’s a roulette table based on the European version which is hosted by real professional dealers. Several HD cameras are placed around the room where the game takes place to transmit all of the games to online players and to ensure a certain feeling of immersion in the Casino International gaming environment.

Features of Authentic Roulette Turbo

As is obvious from its name, Authentic Roulette Turbo games take place very rapidly. Instead of waiting for the wheel to stop turning to place your bets, you can place them while it’s still spinning.  All the usual types of bets can be placed and at the end of each game pay outs are made according to the levels displayed. It’s important to note that all the acceptable methods of payment are listed on the gaming interface so it’s worthwhile to consult these before you place your bets.

How to play at this online roulette table?

When the game downloads and the streaming starts, you’ll see on your computer screen an interface showing the chips, an option to repeatedly place the same bet, another to double it and another to cancel. You’ll also have a clear view of the table with the different types of bets that one can make (on just one number, on a group of numbers, on a colour, on the ball stopping on the first, second or third dozen, etc.) With your cursor you choose the amount of your bet and then the type of bet you wish to place. The casino employee will replicate these on the table in the International Casino  and all you have to do is wait for the ball to stop on a number to see whether you’ve won or not.

Given that it’s a European version you have many chances to come away a winner. Thanks to the different functions built into the interface, you can personalise your gaming experience to the maximum  by changing the viewing angles, by consulting the history and the detailed statistics of the games and by adjusting other different settings according to your own preferences.

In which Live Casinos can you play Authentic Roulette Turbo?

If you go to Dublinbet, Casino Extra or Lucky31 Casino you can play Authentic Roulette Turbo under the best conditions. These reliable and secure casinos also offer several other versions of roulette that you can play after trying Authentic Roulette Turbo.