Live roulette from Foxwoods Resorts Casino in the USA

Foxwoods Live Roulette From Authentic Gaming

Authentic Gaming exploded onto the live dealer games scene in 2015. Ever since then, it has been striking deals with some of the top casinos in the world and offering you the chance to play games streamed directly from them.

In 2018, Authentic Gaming began streaming live roulette directly from the massive Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut, USA. We decided to try this game, and this Foxwoods live roulette review is a summary of what we experienced.

Foxwoods Live Roulette – Key Features

  • Streamed by one of the leading live dealer games providers in the world – Authentic Gaming.
  • Played on a European roulette wheel. This has a lower house edge of just 2.7%.
  • Multiple HD camera angles of the roulette wheel and live action as each spin unfolds.
  • Hosted in a real casino in the USA. The Foxwoods Resort Casino is a household name in the United States.
  • Low betting minimums of £1 mean it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to play this game.
  • The chance to win perks such as visits to the Foxwoods Casino if you’re a loyal player or win a Foxwoods/Authentic Gaming promotion.

You can find the game in most of the respectable online Casinos that run Live dealer games on Authentic Gaming software.

How Foxwoods Live Roulette Works

We always play the games which we review for real. Therefore, we’re in a position to give you a step-by-step walkthrough of how each one works. Here’s what will happen when you play Foxwoods Live Roulette.

  • When you enter the game, you’ll see a close-up shot of the roulette wheel spinning, and you’ll be invited to place your bets.
  • You need to place digital chips onto the roulette board before the betting window closes. This game accepts bets of between £1 and £250. During the betting window, you’ll be treated to multiple views of the wheel and aerial views of the whole table.
  • The dealer will call for final bets and will then spin the wheel and release the ball. At this stage, you have only a few seconds left to place your bets if you have not already done so.
  • As the wheel spins, you’ll see it from a few more angles. The scenery is always changing during this live roulette game.
  • Eventually, the ball will come to rest in one of the gold pockets on the wheel. Each pocket has the colour and number associated with it on a rim above it.
  • Winning bets are paid, and losing bets are collected. Since this is a real casino, you’ll see the dealer clearing chips off the table. When that’s done, the whole process begins again.

Sound like a fairly standard live roulette game? It is! There’s nothing especially different about the gameplay. The key point of this game is that you have a chance to play roulette in one of the world’s best casinos without having to go there in person.

Other Quality Features Which Foxwoods Live Roulette Offers

Each live dealer roulettegame has its own extra features or lack thereof. Here’s what you can look forward to when you try Foxwoods Live Roulette.

  • Stats For 100 Previous Rounds –You can view the winning stats for the previous 100 spins by colour, number, and various other outcomes.
  • Hot and Cold Numbers –The hottest (and coldest) numbers are clearly visible at the side of the digital roulette table. If you believe in hot or cold numbers, this makes finding them easy and hassle-free.
  • Neighbour Bets Racetrack – You can place neighbour bets, aka call bets, with a single click. A convenient digital racetrack will appear before the betting window closes. Click the call bets you want to make.

Are There Any Negatives to Foxwoods Live Roulette?

Every roulette variant has its pros and cons. While those are subjective, here are some of the things which some playersdon’t like about this roulette game.

  • Minimal Interaction With Dealers – This game is streamed from a busy real-world casino. Dealers don’t have the same time to interact and socialize with you. You won’t really get a clear view of the dealer either.
  • Half a Dozen Camera Angles –As we said earlier, the scenery is always changing in this game. While that can stave off boredom, some players find it disorienting. If you prefer a steady view of the dealer and wheel, this probably isn’t the game for you.
  • Background Noise –Remember, this game is streamed from one of the biggest casinos in America. During peak hours, it can get noisy. This can add to the authenticity of the experience, but some players prefer the peace and quiet of a private gaming studio.


Foxwoods Live Roulette Game – Frequently Asked Questions

Is Foxwoods Live Roulette Rigged?

Definitely not. This is one of the biggest and most successful casinos on earth. Do you think the owners would risk their business by running rigged games? With so many players coming through the doors, they would be caught in no time at all. This game is 100% legit.

 Can I play this game from outside the USA?

Yes, absolutely. In fact, that’s the point of this game. You can play roulette in a top US casino without having to physically travel there. Ironically, you’ll have a harder time playing this game from within the USA than from outside it due to the restrictions on online gambling in America.

 Can you tell me more about Authentic Gaming?

 Sure. This is a casino games company which was founded with the sole purpose of providing real-to-life casino gaming experiences. It was founded in 2015, operates out of Malta, and it’s licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority. This company offers live dealer games exclusively.

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