Roulette 360 : HD Images from Ezugi

Roulette 360 : play live from the Oracle casinoThe software, Ezugi is a partner of the Portomaso Casino and is continuing its rise in the area of roulette tables live from real casinos.

Roulette 360 from the Oracle Casino is very promising and will be greatly appreciated by players who are fans of this table game. Why? Simply because the HD images are breathtaking and the rapid streaming is amazing.

Ezugi has gained its top place among specialists in roulette tables live from real casinos. After the roulette table in the Portomaso Casino, Malta and the one in the Riga Royal Casino (Latvia) and now the Oracle Casino’s Roulette 360, Ezugi is really giving its competitors a run for their money.

Live Dealers Casino brings you all the information on this Roulette 360 table live from the Oracle Casino in Malta.

Roulette 360: play live from the Oracle casino

Roulette 360 gets its name from the fact that the roulette table is filmed by cameras placed around it at 360 degrees. The number of cameras around and above the gaming table guarantee total immersion in this exceptional game. The quality of the HD images is surprisingly clear to a point that one could say that they’re even clearer than those from Authentic Gaming and Evolution Gaming. Roulette 360 is mostly filmed from above and a camera overlooks the table, this gives a captivating view because on one side one can see the players placing their bets and the dealer on the other. We have rarely seen such clear, beautiful HD images as at this Roulette 360 table.

There are multiple views which give one the impression of being right inside the casino. So one can really appreciate the table viewed from above or a zoom in on the wheel with the players and the table in the background. There is a virtual table on the right hand side of the screen so that online players can place their bets. One can hide or view this table using a tab.

An online table for beginner and experienced players

Bets at this Roulette 360 table start at $0.25 so beginner players can play at an authentic Oracle Casino roulette table just as if they were in the Maltese casino. With such low bets, one can play under real conditions without ruining oneself. VIP players can play with $500 chips. The maximum bet at this roulette table is $1000.

Live casinos offering Roulette 360 from the Oracle Casino (Malta)

Several live casinos have Oracle Casino’s Roulette 360. It goes without saying that the leading live casino, Dublinbet offers players this online roulette table. This leader in live dealer games is a great asset for fans of live online roulette,baccarat and blackjack. Casino Extra is another online casino that we highly recommend along with Lucky31 Casino. This trio of live casinos which could be called the live “Three Musketeers” are leaders in the live gaming sector. These three are the 3 best Ezugi casinos that we recommend to online players.