Salon Prive Roulette

Salon Privé Roulette By Evolution

Evolution knows how to cater to VIP players, and this is one of its most upmarket, luxurious roulette games. If you’re a high-stakes player who enjoys a more glamorous game, then this one is worth checking out.

In this Salon Privé Roulette review, we’ll show you how to play, what extra features this game has, and the overall pros and cons of playing it.

Salon Privé Roulette – Key Features

  • Since this game is provided by the award-winning Evolution, you can be sure that it’s up to your high standards. This company has won EGR Live Casino Provider of the Year every year since the award has existed.
  • Streamed directly from the Super VIP roulette studio. This studio looks like it’s in a luxurious castle rather than a casino. It has a white and gold colour scheme and is suitable for VIP players.
  • Escape the busy studios reserved for ordinary players – you have to have certain minimum bankroll requirements to be allowed to play in the Salon Privé studio.
  • The minimum bet is £1,500 per spin. This is truly a high-stakes roulette game.
  • It’s a highly customizable game variant – you can even select your own game host and can change multiple other elements of the game.

Remember that this game is played on a European roulette wheel. There’s only one zero. This is good for you as a player as European roulette games have a lower house edge of just 2.7%.

How This Online Roulette Works

When you enter the Salon Privé studio, you’ll be struck by how visually stunning it is. After you adjust to your new settings, this is how the game will proceed.

  • Your personal host will welcome you to the game and invite you to make your first bets.
  • As in other Evolution roulette games, you’ll see a digital roulette table on the screen. You can place your digital chips on this board. Remember that the minimum bet is £1,500 in this game.
  • When you’ve placed your bets, use the button on the screen to tell the dealer to spin the wheel. This gives you more time to place your bets. There’s nothing rushed about this roulette game.
  • The dealer will spin the gold wheel and release the ball. The angle will then switch to a close-up view of the wheel as the ball settles into a pocket.
  • The winning number will be displayed on the screen. The dealer will also move the marker to the winning number on her roulette table for a second view. She’ll then congratulate you if you’ve won, and a new game will begin.

Live Roulette – Extra Features

Extra features are what set Evolution Gaming live games apart from the competition. Here’s what you can look forward to in Salon Privé roulette.

  • Personal Host – The game host will be dedicated to you and you alone. She’ll interact with you and try to meet your needs as a player. This gives the game a more personal feel.
  • Game Racetrack – As with most other Evolution roulette games, you can place neighbour bets with one click on the racetrack in the bottom right of the screen.
  • VIP Experience – Everything about this game is designed to facilitate the VIP experience. The dealer will entertain you, the game will proceed at your pace, and the marker is moved on the roulette table just for you. It’s truly about you as an individual player.

Are There Any Negatives to Salon Privé Roulette?

It’s difficult to say anything negative about a highly customizable, VIP version of live roulette. However, there are a couple of potential downsides.

  • Exclusive Access – This game isn’t open to everyone. You’ll have to meet minimum bankroll requirements. You’ll have to either build up your bankroll or have a lot to play with in the first place.
  • High Minimum Bets – It will cost you at least £1,500 per spin to play this roulette variant. That’s understandably not affordable for everyone.

Player’s Verdict

This game is smooth, sexy, and totally enticing for VIP players. You’ll have to have the bankroll to support playing it, but once you’re in, there’s no doubt that it’s a whole different game from the regular roulette tables. If you’re a VIP player, we can’t recommend Salon Privé roulette highly enough.

From the personal game hosts the luxurious studio, this is a high stakes roulette players’ heaven.

Salon Privé Roulette – Frequently Asked Questions

It’s most certainly not rigged. Evolution Gaming is an honest company which you can trust. It doesn’t rip players off no matter what their bankroll is. Remember that this company has licences from multiple iGaming jurisdictions and would not risk these to make a quick profit.

It’s because the game host is dedicated to you. A live dealer at a regular roulette table can host dozens of players making smaller bets, and it’s still profitable for the casino to run the game. For personal games in luxurious surroundings, the stakes have to be higher to cover the costs.

Evolution does offer some of its games at a small number of NJ online casinos. It’s not possible for most Americans to play them, but NJ players and those visiting the state can.

No. They will know your name because you tell them, but they can’t see you. You can also interact with them through the chat feature. This is a much more intimate game, but your privacy is still protected.