Evolution has cornered the market with its huge range of live dealer games that cover everything from traditional casino fare right through to modern game show titles.

But not all of the Evolution games are available as widely; unbeknown to many, there is an exclusive studio that’s only available at selected casinos: the SkyLounge. 

Launched in September 2021, the SkyLounge is a studio that holds four blackjack tables and its flagship game, SkyLounge Roulette. Only a small number of casinos have been given access to the SkyLounge range of games, which makes this a particularly special game of live roulette

We joined the selected numbers who have entered the SkyLounge to find out what Roulette Royale is all about. 

First Look at SkyLounge Roulette Royale

If you’ve ever wondered what a VIP club looks like, SkyLounge provides the answer. From the start, there’s a very different look and feel about the studio, which oozes understated glamour. There are none of the bright lights and colourful displays which are commonplace in its live dealer games like Funky Time.

This is a far more mature design that will appeal to players who enjoy an elegant and sophisticated environment for their gameplay. 

The SkyLounge is instantly recognisable as it’s styled in different colours than its other roulette studios. Decked out in dark blue and wood from top to bottom, you’ll feel as if you’ve just stepped into a private clubhouse. 

There’s no expense spared to bring players the very best of the action with cutting-edge technology and multi-camera angles. This means you can enjoy getting up close to the wheel with every spin streamed live from the dedicated SkyLounge studio. 

How to Play this Online Roulette Game

SkyLounge Roulette Royale is a game of European roulette that follows the traditional rules. This means if you’ve ever played roulette before, you’ll be able to start playing right away. The conventional format means that it’s also easy for complete beginners to learn, so no one is excluded from being able to play. 

Roulette has been around for centuries in one form or another, and the secret to its enduring appeal is the simplicity of the gameplay. The premise is simple: you place a bet where you think the ball will land, the dealer spins the roulette wheel, and if you’re correct, you win a cash prize. 

There are different types of roulette, and SkyLounge Roulette Royale follows the layout of European roulette. This is advantageous for players as it means there is only one single green zero pocket. The green pocket is the house edge; if the ball lands here, you will lose. You can’t bet on the green zero pocket. 

You can choose how much you want to bet, and the stake range in SkyLounge Roulette Royale is huge. Betting starts from just 0.50 but can be increased up to a maximum of 10,000 per bet. 

There are many different types of bets that you can place in SkyLounge Roulette Royale. The goal is always to predict where the ball will land, but rather than trying to guess a single number, it’s possible to bet on a group of numbers instead. 

The more numbers there are in the group, the higher the probability that you will win – and the lower the potential payout. The fewer numbers there are in a group, the lower the probability that you will win – and the higher the potential payout!

There’s no right or wrong way to bet; you can choose to back either high or low-probability groups of numbers, depending on your bankroll and personal betting style.

Odds, Payouts & RTP

One way to decide how you want to bet is to look at the different payouts for each of the groups of numbers. Predicting a single number is a very difficult bet to win, and it carries the highest potential payout.

Conversely, betting on half of the board – such as red or black numbers – carries almost a 50% chance of winning, so it has the lowest payout. If you’re wondering why it’s not 50%, it’s because the green “losing” pocket has to be factored into the calculations!

The payouts for the different types of bets are as follows:

  • Single number – 35:1
  • Two numbers – 17:1
  • Three numbers – 11:1
  • Four numbers – 8:1
  • Six numbers – 5:1
  • Twelve numbers or a column bet – 2:1
  • Evens (black/red, odds/evens, high/low) – 1:1

The overall house edge for SkyLounge Roulette Royale is very low at 2.7%, which means the RTP is 97.3%. This is because the game is played with a European roulette wheel which only has a single green pocket, compared to the two green pockets on the American roulette wheel.

Pros & Cons of SkyLounge Roulette Royale


  • Stylish and sophisticated exclusive studio
  • Traditional rules means it’s easy to start playing instantly
  • Generous top payouts


  • Can only be played at a selected number of casinos
  • No different to traditional roulette
  • No bonus rounds included

Review Summary

There isn’t a lot that’s especially distinctive about SkyLounge Roulette Royale, as it follows the rules of traditional roulette without any unique twists or variations.

However, Evolution’s expertise in delivering slick and sophisticated live dealer play is what makes this game of roulette really stand out.

You’ll feel as if you’ve been invited into an exclusive members-only club with a luxurious setting that enhances the gameplay tenfold.

The rules of the game are reassuringly familiar, and coupled with the opulent setting, SkyLounge Roulette Royale is a game that you’ll find hard to resist. 

FAQ Skylounge Roulette Royale

Yes. Similar to many other Evolution live dealer games, SkyLounge Roulette Royale is compatible with play on mobile devices, including both iOS and Android. 

SkyLounge Roulette Royale follows the traditional rules of roulette. Players must decide how much they want to stake and predict the number where the ball will land. If the number is guessed correctly, a cash prize will be won. Read more here.

Yes. It’s up to you how many numbers you want to cover with each bet. However, you should bear in mind risk and reward; betting on all of the numbers doesn’t guarantee that you’ll make a profit! Read here !

The betting range on SkyLounge Roulette Royale starts at 0.10 and increases to a maximum of 10,000. The available chips are 0.50, 1.00, 2.00, 5.00, 25.00, 100, and 500, so it’s possible to tailor your stake to your preferred level. 

No. As this is an Evolution live dealer game, there is no demo game available. However, once you join a game, you can watch the play without betting for as long as you want.