Pragmatic Play Live keeps releasing excellent live dealer games, and following the trends of the industry in the last while, it has released a series of “Speed” games, including Speed Roulette. These games are for players who want to cut to the chase, cut out all of the pomp and ceremony associated with live casino games, and pack more action into their gaming experience.

This game is streamed to you via high-definition 4K cameras. Beautiful, professional live dealers host you as you play. Each spin takes under 30 seconds, meaning it’s non-stop action from start to finish.

Pragmatic Play Speed Roulette – Key Features

Before you play this game, take a look at these bullet points which describe its key features. These will allow you to decide if this is the right live roulette game for you.

  • This game is set in a deep green and gold studio. It has a luxurious theme, and makes you feel that you are playing in a private roulette lounge.
  • Speed Roulette is played on a European Roulette wheel. That means it has a single zero pocket, and the house dge will be just 2.7%. That means that for every £100 wagered on the game, the casino returns £97.30 to players.
  • This game is streamed through several HD cameras. You’ll be treated to multiple views, including live dealer close-ups, straight views as if you’re sitting at the table, and overhead views of the wheel as the spin occurs.
  • Speed Roulette doesn’t have any extra multipliers or bonus rounds. However, spins happen quickly, and there’s no time to mess around. The betting window is just 10 seconds, and each spin takes less than 25 seconds.
  • You can bet between £0.50 and £2,000 on this game. These betting limits should suit most players.

How Speed Roulette Works

What will happen when you play Speed Roulette online? We played 20 spins worth £0.50 each to experience the game ourselves. Here’s what you can look forward to.

  • When you enter the studio, the live dealer will welcome you to the game and invite you to place your bets on the HTML5 game board. Do this quickly, because the betting window is only 10 seconds.
  • After five seconds, the dealer will spin the wheel, release the ball, and the camera angle will change to a landscape view of the wheel, then a frontal view of the dealer and the wheel, and finally, an overhead view.
  • This overhead view will remain as the ball bounces on the wheel and lands in one of the pockets. This gives you a superior view of all the action.
  • The winning number will be displayed on the screen, and all bets will be settled instantly. Your balance will be debited or credited instantly. 

The Good Sides of Speed Roulette

Every live casino game is different, and so is every player. Therefore, we’re always hesitant to call things positive or negative. However, most players will agree that these are the goods sides of Speed Roulette by Pragmatic Play Live.

  • Speed – This is an obvious one. If you like to get down to business and enjoy fast-paced, no-frills roulette action, this is the right game for you.
  • Views – This game gives you unparalleled views of the beautiful live dealers, the roulette wheel, and the studio. You’ll feel as if you’re really in the studio.
  • Bets – The betting limits make this game accessible to all players. You can wager just £0.50 per spin or up to £2,000. Penny players and high-rollers alike can enjoy this game.

What Could Be Improved?

This question always depends on your preferences. However, here are some things that players might not like about this live roulette game.

  • Pace – Didn’t we say speed was one of the positives of Speed Roulette? Yes, we did, but it could also be a negative for players who like to take their time, enjoy each spin, interact with the dealer, and more. This game happens twice as fast as normal live casino roulette games.
  • Angles – Some players prefer one camera angle looking straight at the dealer and wheel. This one involves half a dozen views in 25 seconds. It may be disorienting to some players.

Player’s Verdict

This is a fast-paced live roulette game that delivers plenty of adrenaline. It has bet limits suitable for everyone. You’ll enjoy it if you like maximum action, but you might not if you enjoy a slower, more social live game. We leave it up to you to decide if this is the right game for you, but we recommend giving it at least a few spins to find out what it’s like.

Frequently Asked Questions Speed Roulette by Pragmatic Play Live

No, it’s not. Pragmatic Play Live is an award-winning live casino company that’s been around since 2015. It has valid licences from authorities in the UK, Malta, and elsewhere. Companies of the calibre do not run rigged games.

Yes, we tried Speed Roulette by Pragmatic Play Live on an Android mobile phone and it worked well. You can play it with no download required at some of the best live casinos.

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