Do you want to play low stakes live roulette online? We’re here to help you find a safe live casino with low limits roulette games. We’ll also show you some of the games you can play and how to play them.

The days of playing one variant of live dealer roulette are gone. Nowadays, there are dozens of variants of it. You can play simple, straightforward games of classic roulette with real dealers or you can play exciting variants like Lightning Roulette with multipliers of up to 500x.

Let’s get started. We’ll begin with how to play live roulette and go from there.

How Do You Play Live Roulette?

Let’s start with the basics and review how a game of classic live roulette would go. Here’s what will happen.

  1. You’ll need to select one of the low stakes live roulette sites from our list above. Our tables are geo targeted, so you’ll only see roulette sites that accept players from your country.
  2. Select one of the live dealer roulette games from the list of options. For example, you might select Lightning Roulette at Mr Green Casino. Wait for the game to load.
  3. Each live casino game has a betting window for every round. The dealer will invite you to place your wagers before the timer runs out. Drag digital chips onto the HTML5 table to place a bet.
  4. The live roulette dealer will then spin the wheel. Usually, at this stage, you’ll get a close-up camera shot of the roulette wheel. Some games even replay the ball bouncing on the wheel in slow motion and utilize other cool effects.
  5. Finally, your bets will be settled. Wins and losses will be credited and debited from your account instantly and without any further action on your part.

So, that covers how to play live roulette online. Let’s take a look at some of the games you can play.

The Best Low Stakes Live Roulette Online – Game Options

We’ve reviewed dozens of live casino roulette games on this site. Here are some of our favourites.

  • Speed Roulette – If all the ceremony and entertainment of most live roulette games doesn’t appeal to you, Speed Roulette by Evolution is a good choice. Dealers will get right down to business, and you’ll play almost twice the number of games in any given session.
  • Auto Roulette – If you’d prefer to play low stakes live roulette without the dealers, you can do that thanks to Evolution’s Auto Roulette wheel. The mechanical wheel runs by itself without the need for real roulette dealers. It’s a unique and interesting gaming experience if nothing else.
  • Lightning Roulette – If you like to make straight bets and want a chance to win massive multipliers then this is the game for you. Before the dealer spins the wheel, multiple numbers will be selected for multipliers of up to 500x. If you bet on these numbers and win, you’ll win the multiplier generated by the Lighting game engine. Mr Green has a Lightning Roulette table.
  • Authentic Roulette – Want to play real roulette streamed from some of the biggest and best casinos in the world? Authentic Gaming offers you that. Games are streamed from the floor of Foxwoods USA and other world-class casinos.

These games qualify as low stakes live roulette because you can bet for just £1 on most of them. That’s a bargain when you consider the expense of running the games and the potential upside in games like Lighting Roulette.

How to Win Live Dealer Roulette

You could ask 100 people how to win live roulette and get 100 different answers. There’s no surefire way to win every time, but there are some solid tips we can give you to help you improve your odds.

  • Try the Martingale – This is a risky roulette system, but when it works, you can win back all your losses and then some. You double down on every losing bet until you eventually win. Mathematically, it works, but the problem is table limits. In low stakes live roulette games, the upper limits might be £5,000 per spin or thereabouts.
  • Try the Reverse Martingale – This takes the above strategy and turns it on its head. The idea is to capitalize on lucky streaks, so you double down on every winning bet. This can cause your wins to grow exponentially. Of course, you don’t want to push your luck too far. Stop after three wins and reset the system.

Utilize Bonus Chips – Most casino bonuses exclude live casino games, but there are some that allow you to play live roulette with free chips. When you can find these you should take maximum advantage of them. Sure, you’ll have to wager them before you can withdraw them, but double the number of chips equals double the number of chances to win. Bonuses are one answer on how to beat live roulette.

Low Stakes Live Dealer Roulette – Frequently Asked Questions

There are possibly some fixed games online, but you won’t find them at our recommended casinos. We only recommend top-rated brands that run trusted games from top live game providers like Evolution and Authentic Gaming.

We’d recommend either Mr Green or 32Red for UK and European players. These top-rated casinos both have UKGC licences and our review team found them to be safe and trustworthy. They both offer an array of safe live roulette games.

Yes. Players from New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and other states can play safe and regulated games from Evolution and other providers at licensed online casinos. Players from other states can play real roulette games from Visionary iGaming hosted at offshore casinos in the Caribbean and elsewhere.