Playtech Live Slots

All you need to know about Playtech Live Slots

Every so often, something new and original happens in the online gaming sector. Playtech’s release of live dealer slot machines is such an event. Playtech has been a relatively small presence in the live gaming space so far, but with this game, it has the potential to catapult to the forefront.

In our Playtech live slots review, we’ll show you how this new type of slot machine works, the pros and cons of playing this way, and much more.

Playtech Live Slot Machines – Key Features

●    They’re powered by Playtech which is one of the leading slots software companies in the world.

●    Right now, you can play the popular Buffalo Blitz slot. More games should soon follow.

●    Friendly live dealers lead and commentate on the game, creating a community vibe and gameshow atmosphere.

●    Community spins means all players wager on the same spin, but you can bet at your financial comfort level, and payouts will be based on your stake.

●    Interactive elements allow you to view your balance, increase or decrease your bet size before each spin, and make wagers automatically through the autoplay feature.

How Playtech Live Dealer Slots Work

Most players find the concept of live dealer slot games an interesting one. It was certainly a new idea when Playtech launched it in December 2019. In this section, we’ll explain how they work from start to finish.

●    When you enter the Playtech live studio, you’ll see the game spinning in the background behind the live dealer. She’ll greet you and welcome you to the game.

●    You can watch for a few spins, or you can place your bets right away. They are community spins, so everyone wagers on the same spin, but each bet is unique to the individual players.

●    When you’re ready to bet, use the + and – buttons to set the bet size to a level you’re comfortable with.

●    Just as with RNG slot games, you’ll win or lose automatically after each spin. Your balance will update in real-time.

●    You can then bet on the next spin, and so on. Remember that the live host is there all along, cheering you on, commentating, congratulating players, and so on.

Remember that the presence of other players does not affect your gameplay. While everyone is betting on the same spin, each bet is individual. You don’t have to bet the same amount as other players, and what they win/lose has no impact on your own game.

Playtech Live Slot Games – Extra Features

●    Autoplay – You can set the game to automatically place bets for you on each spin. Decide how many spins you want to bet for (up to 99) and what your stake per spin will be. You can also set parameters such as telling it to stop spinning after you have won or lost a certain amount.

●    Chat Feature – You can leave comments for the dealer or other players. The chat feature is displayed at the right side of the reels. This adds an extra social element to playing live dealer slots.

●    Player Info – You can see how many players are currently in the studio as well as how much they have won after each spin. This isn’t necessary information, but it is interesting nonetheless.

Are There Any Negatives to Playtech Live Slots?

As we always say, whether or not something is negative is a matter of opinion. For some players, these things will be either neutral or positive. However, some players have expressed negative sentiment about the following:

●    Distraction – While the presence of a live dealer is the point of live slot games, some players find it distracting. Are commentary and interaction really necessary when playing online slot machines? That’s for you to decide. Some players also find the chat feature at the right side of the reels distracting.

●    Availability – Right now, you can only play Buffalo Blitz slot live. If it’s popular, we’re sure that other slots will be launched soon. However, not all players think this game is so great.

Playtech Live Casino Slots – Player’s Verdict

As always with something new, we’ll have to wait and see if live dealer slots are a hit or a miss. They’re definitely interesting, but is it really necessary to have a dealer to entertain you while playing slots? Unlike blackjack, baccarat, or poker, slots have never been a social game. Will slots players enjoy the social experience? The only way you can find out is to give Playtech’s live slots a try. You can do so at any of our approved Playtech casinos.

Playtech Slots Live – Frequently Asked Questions

Are Playtech’s live slot games rigged?

Game outcomes are decided by a random number generator, just as they are in regular slot games. Playtech is one of the most trusted names in iGaming, so you can be sure that its live slot games are not rigged.

Can I play live slots on my mobile?

Yes, you can, but we would say something about the smaller screen size. It can take something away from the gaming experience, so it’s better to use an iPad or another tablet device if possible.

How much can I win?

The base game jackpot on Buffalo Blitz slot is 300x. However, it does offer multipliers of up to 5x in the free spins feature. Therefore, it’s possible to win up to 1,500x on this live slot game.

Can you tell me more about Buffalo Blitz slot?

Sure. It was released in 2016. It has 4,096 ways to win, you can win up to 200 free spins in the feature, it has an RTP of 96.96%, and you can bet from just £0.40 per spin. It’s one of Playtech’s most popular slots of all time.

Play Buffalo Blitz Live Slots only in licensed casinos!