Live casino game shows are a huge hit with players these days. In November 2020, Pragmatic Play Live released Mega Wheel. This game is obviously meant to rival Dream Catcher from Evolution, but it’s different enough that it is by no means a clone.

In this Mega Wheel review, we’ll tell you how to play this new live game show, what we feel its pros and cons are, and much more. As always, we bring you authentic and up-to-date information.

Pragmatic Mega Wheel – Key Features

  • This is a Pragmatic Play powered game show. This is one of the most trusted live casino games companies with both UKGC and MGA licences.
  • It’s played in a colourful studio with a red colour scheme. You’ll see the Mega Wheel in the middle with a giant arrow pointer above it. This pointer will stop in one segment, and this will determine which bets win.
  • You can wager between £0.10 and £1,000 per spin. How much you’ll win depends on what bet you make. Multipliers can be up to 40x on standard bets.
  • Before each spin, a Random Number Generator will assign a multiplier to one bet position. If you’re lucky, this could be 500x.

How to Play Mega Wheel Live Game

If you’re a regular reader of our live dealer game reviews, you’ll know that we always play the games to get accurate and detailed information. We also always report how to play the games based on our first-hand experience. This is how to play live Mega Wheel by Pragmatic Play.

  • When you first enter the game studio, the live dealer will invite you to place your bets. You have a 15-second betting window to do so. You can bet on one of nine numbers. Each of these has a colour and a multiplier assigned to it. You may click on the “Bet on All” button if you wish.
  • When the betting window closes, the dealer will spin the Mega Wheel, and a RNG will assign a multiplier to one of the numbers. This will be displayed on a screen to the left side of the Mega Wheel and can be worth up to 500x.
  • As the Mega Wheel spins, you’ll see a couple of different shots of it from multiple angles. Eventually, you’ll get a close-up shot, and you’ll see the pointer resting in one of the segments.
  • If you picked the right number/colour, you’ll win the multiplier assigned to it. If not, you’ll lose your wager, and a new round of betting will begin.

Understanding Mega Wheel Multipliers

In this section, we’ll explore two things. First, we’ll look at the numbers you can bet on and their multipliers. We’ll also look at the randomly generated multiplier and how much that can be.

Number How Many Segments? Multiplier
1 20 1x
2 13 2x
5 7 5x
8 4 8x
10 4 10x
15 2 15x
20 2 20x
30 1 30x
40 1 40x

Hopefully, this table makes it clear that the greater the chance of landing on a segment, the smaller the payout will be and vice versa.

What about the randomly generated multipliers?

Numbers Multipliers
1 100x
2 200x
5, 8, and 10 250x
15, 20, 30 & 40 500x

Some players bet on the numbers with the highest potential multipliers on every bet. You can be wrong many times, and you’ll only need to win one bet with a 500x multiplier to cancel out all the small losses plus deliver some profit. This seems like a decent Mega Wheel strategy to try.

What’s Best About this Live Game Show?

Let’s look at the positives of Mega Wheel by Pragmatic Play first. These are the things we liked best about this game.

  • Entertainment – This is an exciting and entertaining live casino experience. It’s more than just a game. You could spend hours playing this live game, and the game hosts go the extra mile to make sure you have a good time.
  • Multipliers – Who can deny that the multipliers in this game are enticing? Even the base game multipliers of up to 40x are generous. With the RNG multipliers of up to 500x, it’s incredibly tempting to have just one more spin.
  • Simplicity – This game doesn’t have any complex rules and the order of play is straightforward. Pick a number, place your bet, and hope for the best. It’s like playing Wheel of Fortune for real money.

What’s Missing or Could Be Improved?

There are a few things that some players might not like about this game so much.

  • Odds – Your chances of winning a 500x multiplier are 1.85%. We don’t expect Pragmatic Play to make it easy, but you will need to get lucky to win it.
  • RTP – This game has an RTP of 96.51%. Many slot machines have a similar RTP with larger potential payouts. That’s something to consider.

Player’s Verdict

We give this game an A+. Sure, the odds of winning the biggest multipliers aren’t that high, but that doesn’t even matter that much. It’s a highly entertaining game, and if you do get lucky and win big, that’s just a bonus.

This game will give Dream Catcher and other live money wheel games some serious competition.

Pragmatic Play Live Mega Wheel Frequently Asked Questions

It may soon be available at legal US live casinos in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and elsewhere. However, it won’t be available in most U.S. states as online gambling isn’t regulated in most of them.

No, Mega Wheel is a trustworthy game. Pragmatic Play Live is totally legit and safe. It only offers games at legit live casinos like Cbet

Yes, you can play this game on every mobile device straight from your browser. No download will be required.