Evolution Gaming’s Live Side Bet City Review

Evolution Gaming’s Live Side Bet CityEvolution Gaming is back with a new live table totally atypical. Launched in June 2019, this original creation promises to delight all Poker enthusiasts, as well as all beginners in a search of a lighter but also very lucrative version of the famous cards game.

Let’s discover together Side Bet City, this new game, through its graphic universe, its rules and the possibilities of  gains it offers.

Back in the 80s

For this new game, Evolution Gaming offers you an exciting time travel to one of the liveliest  eras for Las Vegas casinos: the 80’s. The game’s setting is rather vintage, with blue and purple neon lights that lighten up a game kiosk with a dealer. Various objects are also part of the setting in the background, but it is especially the front interface that interests us. As for its other games,  Riga has optimized the game interface to allow a quick and easy gambling.

Poker in a simple and easy version

Evolution Gaming’s Side Bet City is a simplified version of Poker. It is therefore an ideal game for all those who have always dreamt of playing Poker, but who fear the rules sometimes somewhat complex. The good news here is that you will not need to learn the different types of bets  and their hierarchy.

You will not need to bluff or analyze the game of the other players. Because, in this version, you play, not against other players or even against the dealer, but just against  the  payment table.
The principle is quite simple. The table is held by a dealer who, at the beginning of each game, successively draws 7 cards from a shoe. Each of these cards is presented face open, but following a process a little special in three stages. Indeed, the dealer scores a first time out after the first three cards, then after 5 cards, and finally, once the full hand of 7 cards is formed.

For the player, the goal is to guess if at least one winning poker hand will be formed with the first 3 cards, the first 5 or once the 7 cards have been drawn. And that’s all ! You will not have to build a stronger hand than another player, to beat the dealer, or even to guess what hand will be formed.

Four bets on Side BetCity

Before starting each game, you have the choice between 4 fairly simple betting options:

  • Bet on a 3-Card Hand: By betting on it, you hope that the first hand of three cards is a winning hand. If this is the case, you will get the payment corresponding to the relevant hand according to the payment table located to the right of the interface. Here, for example, a Royal Flush pays 100: 1.
  • Bet on a 5-Card Hand: Same principle as above, with this time, a hand of 5 cards. If your bet is winning and the hand is a Royal Flush, you will win a payout of 1000: 1.
  • Bet on  a 7-Card Hand: Same principle with the possibility of winning up to 500: 1 with a Royal Flush
  • Bet on an All Lose: By betting on this option, you bet that no winning hand will come out after the distribution of the 7 cards. If your forecast is proven, you will get a payout of 0.7: 1.

Live  casinos offer Side Bet City

Several  live casinos already offer  Side Bet City in their live versions. These include Spin Palace Casino, Dublinbet, Fatboss, Casino Extra and Lucky31. On this game, the bets allowed range from $0.2 to $50 per game.