Snakes & Ladders Live – Hiss or Hit?

Snakes and Ladders is one of the most iconic board games of all time – and now there’s a brand new way to play. Snakes and Ladders Live from Pragmatic Play Live takes the best bits from the classic game and gives them a fresh twist with online play and live dealer betting

In this review, we’re going to run through how to play Snakes and Ladders Live and how much you could win. Our guide will provide everything you need to know, even if you’ve never played live dealer games before.

Keep reading to get the lowdown on Snakes and Ladders Live!

First Look

Live Dealer at the Studio of Snakes Ladders Live

As a live dealer game, the play takes place in a themed studio which really helps to set the scene. There’s a slight Gonzo’s Quest Megaways vibe – just with more snakes, ladders and dice thrown in!

Players will feel as if they’re stepping into a rainforest with green vines, rocks and greenery all around, but these aren’t just for decoration. A huge board in the shape of a snake rises up on the right, while to the left, a big snakes and ladders board waits for players to trigger the bonus. 

How to Play

The great thing about live dealer games is that they guide all the play from start to finish. This means it doesn’t matter if you’re completely new to playing online, as you can just follow their cues at each step.

In front of the two bonus boards described above is a much smaller piece of equipment shaped like five pieces of bamboo. Inside each cane of bamboo is one dice, with a total of five dice in regular gameplay.

This is where each round always starts with the dice being spun in turn. There are five possible symbols that could be displayed on each dice: diamond, star, SL (Snakes and Ladders Bonus), and ST (Snake Totem Bonus).

Each round takes approximately one minute unless the bonus is triggered, with players betting their stake before the dice are spun. The outcome of each round depends on what symbols land on the dice:

  • Two or more matching diamonds or stars = cash prize
  • Three dice with the ST symbol = the Snake Totem bonus is played
  • Two dice with the SL symbol = the Snakes and Ladders bonus is played (the fifth dice is thrown to determine if it’s bronze, silver, or gold)

This means that on each turn, there are three potential outcomes: nothing, a cash win, or entering the bonus round. 

Bonus Rounds

There are two potential bonus rounds that can be triggered in Snakes and Ladders Live: Snakes and Ladders Bonus and Snake Totem. 

Snakes and Ladders Bonus

Snakes Ladders Live

The Snakes and Ladders Bonus is played on the 8×8 snakes and ladders grid with a single large dice that’s rolled for each move.

The board is covered with the conventional snakes and ladders, plus power-up tiles and cash multipliers that increase in value as you climb higher.

The number of rolls you receive for the Snakes and Ladders Bonus depend on the fifth dice rolled. Bronze gives you two rolls, silver gives you three rolls, while gold gives the maximum five rolls. If you land on power-up tiles, you will randomly receive:

  • Double Win – adds a multiplier of x2 to your current winnings
  • Lucky Ladder – takes you to a ladder and allows you to climb up it
  • Speed Dice  – gives you two quick rolls of the dice in succession
  • Repeat Chance – gives another roll of the dice

The board also contains safe squares which lock in anything you’ve won so far – so if you slither down a snake, you won’t lose the prize! The safe squares are 8, 16, 24, 32, 40, 48, 56. 

Snake Totem Bonus

The Snake Totem is a much simpler bonus, with 18 tiles stacked on top of each other. Each tile has six possible sides, other than tiles 6 and 12, which both have 12 sides each. 

A dice is rolled to determine how many spaces up the totem you will move. Depending on where you land, you’ll either receive a multiplier prize, advance further up the totem, or receive an entry to the Snakes and Ladders Bonus game. 

Odds, Payouts & RTP

Snakes and Ladders Live is a low-volatility live dealer game with a top potential RTP of 96.42%. The maximum possible payout is x10,000, which can be won by triggering the bonus rounds. 

A paytable determines the prizes for matching stars and diamonds:

Combination Payout
Two diamonds 1:1
Three diamonds 2:1
Four diamonds 5:1
Two stars 2:1
Three stars 5:1
Four stars 20:1
Two stars and two diamonds 5:1
One star and three diamonds 8:1
One diamond and three stars 20:1

Who the Game Will Appeal to

The beauty of this game is that it will appeal to just about everyone. Love a bit of nostalgic play that harks back to your childhood? Tick. Experienced player looking for something a bit different?

Newbie who wants a game with clear rules that’s easy to play? A bonus hunter who loves casino play with real potential? Tick, tick, tick! 

Pros & Cons


  • Familiar game with a unique twist
  • Two bonus rounds that can quickly rack up prizes of up to x10,000
  • Simple rules and fast gameplay


  • Each round is quick, which may not suit all
  • Not as many different bonus rounds as other live dealer games
  • Only available as a live dealer game

Similar Games

If you enjoyed Snakes and Ladders Live, there are other similar games that you might like, such as Monopoly Live and Monopoly Big Baller, both offering live dealer play based on familiar board games. If you prefer to stick with traditional dice games, Bac Bo, Lightning Dice and Super Sic Bo are great options. 

Review Summary

Snakes and Ladders Live from Pragmatic Play is a fun and upbeat live dealer game that will appeal to many. It doesn’t have as many bonus rounds as some other live dealer games, but there’s still plenty of variety to add interest. The low volatility means that a win is usually never far away, and the charm of playing a classic board game is impossible to deny.

All in all, this is a great addition to the Pragmatic live dealer selection and one that we’d recommend for all.

FAQ / Snakes & Ladders Live

Snakes and Ladders Live fuses traditional board game play with the excitement of a live game show. Hosted by a live dealer, dice are rolled to win cash prizes with the chance of triggering two bonus rounds, including a thrilling Snakes and Ladders Board.

This depends on how many SL symbols you rolled on the dice to trigger the bonus:

  • Two SL symbols = two power-up tiles
  • Three SL symbols = four power-up tiles
  • Four SL symbols = six power-up tiles

The top potential payout is x10,000, which you can win by accumulating multipliers through each of the two bonus rounds. 

No. As it’s a live dealer game, there is no demo version, but you can join a game and watch the action unfold for as many turns as you want before deciding whether to play.

The software behind Snakes and Ladders Live is provided by Pragmatic Play which has a long history of creating mobile-friendly games. This means you can play Snakes and Ladders Live on a variety of mobile devices.