Pragmatic Play Live’s review

Live gaming is the big thing for casino players right now, and there are a few top companies carving up the space between themselves. One of the top-tier live casino games companies is Pragmatic Play.

Founded in 2015, this fast-growing company offers video slots, bingo, and live casino games like roulette and blackjack. In this Pragmatic Play review, we’ll focus on the live games.

Pragmatic Play Live Casino Games

Pragmatic Play offers multiple high-quality live dealer games. You can expect the following from all of them.

  • Friendly, professional, highly-trained live dealers.
  • 30 different languages supported in the user interface.
  • Video via 4K cameras for immersive, realistic gameplay.
  • UKGC and MGA licenses for guaranteed trustworthy games.
  • Games hosted in a beautiful studio in Bucharest, Romania.

Live Roulette – Spin and Win

There are three kinds of Pragmatic Play roulette. All of them offer extra features like racetracks, historical stats to track hundreds of previous bets, and each game lasts under 45 seconds.

  • Roulette – This is Pragmatic Play’s standard roulette game. It’s played on a European wheel with one zero. You can play 24/7, and you can make lucrative side bets as well as saving your favourite bets.
  • Speed Roulette – This is also played on a single-zero European roulette wheel, but the action happens twice as fast. If you want to cut to the chase and play almost twice the number of games in the same playing time, Speed Roulette by Pragmatic Play is a great option.
  • Auto Roulette – Want to play live roulette without dealers? This game could be for you. It’s a mechanical roulette wheel which releases the ball on every spin. If you like to focus and play rather than socialize, this live roulette game makes for the perfect choice.

Pragmatic Play also offers live roulette games in Russian, German, and Italian.

Live Blackjack – 21 or Bust?

Pragmatic Play offers one live blackjack game. It seats up to seven people at once, and if all the seats are taken, you can utilize the bet-behind feature to get in on the action while you wait. You can also make side bets like pairs and trips for extra payouts. 

This game follows Vegas rules, so both the player and dealer will get two cards initially. There’s the option to take insurance if the dealer is showing an ace, and you can double down on two cards.

Live Mega Sic Bo – 1,000x Multipliers

We’ve noticed multiple live casino games companies offering this exciting Chinese dice game recently. It’s no surprise to see Sic Bo in the Pragmatic Play live casino lineup. 

Set in an eye-catching red and gold studio with beautiful live dealers, this is no ordinary game of Sic Bo. You can win multipliers of up to 1,000x on each roll of the dice. After your bets are placed, some random positions on the board will have multipliers applied to them.

Live Baccarat – Three Game Variants

There are three versions of Pragmatic Play’s live baccarat. Each is played with eight decks, and you can make lucrative side bets like perfect pairs, big or small hands, and player/banker pairs.

  • Live Baccarat – This is the standard baccarat game from Pragmatic Play. Each game lasts just under 30 seconds.
  • Speed Baccarat – In this variant, all of the extras are cut out. Cards are dealt face up, and each game lasts about 10 seconds.
  • No Commission Baccarat – You can choose this option by activating the “Super 6” option on the screen. You can activate it on a hand-by-hand basis. If you do so, Banker wins pay 1:1 instead of 0.95:1, winning hands worth 6 pay 0.5:1, and Super 6 side bets can net you 15:1.

Live Mega Wheel – The Wheel of Fortune

This is Pragmatic Play’s answer to Dream Catcher by Evolution. However, it’s different from that game because there’s a randomly generated multiplier which is added after the wheel starts spinning. It will be added to one section of the wheel and can pay up to 500x. If you like money-wheel games this is a no-brainer.

You can bet on eight numbers, each of which has an associated colour. As well as the RING-generated multiplier there are standard ones. The more segments of that number/colour there are on the wheel, the smaller the multiplier will be and vice versa.

Pragmatic Play Live Dealer Games – Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, absolutely. This company has been around since 2015 and also owns Extreme Live Gaming. It has both UKGC and MGA licences, so you can be sure it’s safe and trustworthy.

That would be Mega Sic Bo. It’s not likely that you’ll win the 1,000x multiplier, but it’s the biggest one on offer across Pragmatic Play’s range of games.

No more so than any other live games. You can play for just £0.10 per spin or hand in some games. At the high end, you can wager £1,000 or more.