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Vuetec, founded in Australia in 1999 is undeniably a pioneering designer of video streaming technology for online casinos. Its Distance Gaming software, launched in 2002 brought a new more realistic dimension to iGaming much to the delight of players. Now clients in many casinos using the Australian developer’s innovative solutions, can enjoy a completely realistic gaming experience.

Vuetec’s live casino technology

Distance Gaming is the result of Vuetec’s professional design team’s exceptional knowledge and the use of cutting edge technology to fulfil an ideal: to give players in their own homes the impression of really being in a land based casinos. Vuetec doesn’t believe in half measures and unlike some of its competitors it hasn’t set up a casino in a studio because even if great effort is made with the décor, audio and lighting it’s still not enough for Vuetec. So the Australian developer sets up its cameras and live gaming broadcasting equipment in some of the largest land based casinos. The player enters a real casino with all its sounds and lighting and real players, real chips, real dealers and real cards. Distance Gaming’s technology brings the Palace Casino on the Isle of Man and the Fitzwilliam Casino, Dublin directly to players all over the world. The gaming experience can’t be compared to that offered by other developers because Vuetec’s cutting edge camera technology, covering all angles, really gives players the impression that they are actually touching everything. All of the casino dealers are well trained and equipped to have virtual players at their tables. You can benefit from this latest technology to try the games in demo mode or to play on several tales at the same time.

Vuetec’s Live Games

Vuetec provides its partner casinos with extremely realistic live sections which allow you to take part in Live Baccarat (Punto Banco) which goes on continuously in the Fitzwilliam Casino and at specified times in the Palace Casino. Live European roulette and live poker from both casinos are also available to players in casinos using Vuetec’s platform and there is also a live blackjack table provided specifically for Vuetec’s online casino players.

Live Casinos using Vuetec

Distance Gaming is mostly used by Vuetec’s own online casinos. The developer owns 16 such casinos including:

Dublinbet Casino: Dublinbet is one of Vuetec Ltd’s main online casinos. This casino, regulated by the Maltese authorities, provides a wide range of games and its exciting live casino developed by Distance Gaming offers live video streaming from the Fitzwilliam Casino Dublin and the Palace Casino.

Lucky Live Casino: The Lucky Live Casino owned by Vuetec Ltd. is licensed by the Isle of Man Regulatory Authority. Like Dublinbet, it only uses software from the Australian developer and so offers a very realistic live gaming experience from the developer’s land based partner casinos.

The Global Live : Also licensed by the Isle of Man Regulatory Authority, The global Live Casino offers the best of Vuetec’s technology in both its RNG and live gaming sections. However, it doesn’t accept American players which is true of most of Vuetec Ltd.’s casinos.

The 29Spin : As is obvious from its name this casino offers a wide variety of slot machines and its live gaming section is also popular with players. The casino is regulated by the Maltese gaming authorities.

The Ruby Moon Casino : The Ruby Moon Casino, another of Vuetec’s online casinos is light and functional. This very uncluttered, ergonomic casino also offers the best of Distance Gaming’s technology to meet a player’s every need.