Spain targets Chinese playersThe Chinese have the reputation of being inveterate gamblers. The level of visitors to online gaming sites confirms this tendency and the most alarming thing is that young people under 18 are more and more often visiting these sites. Macau, which is the only Chinese territory where cash games are permitted, is rubbing its hands at the amount of tourists who arrive.

More visas for chinese tourists

Thanks to all of the money generated, this island is now in first place globally for cash gaming, a place that was held for a long time by Las Vegas. European countries, well aware of this financial manna from Chinese tourists are doing everything to attract them. This has been the case for Spain which has seen over the past few years, the number of Chinese tourists and immigrants increase considerably since the policy concerning visas has been eased. This country which is going through an unprecedented economic crisis is having trouble staying afloat and the morale of the Spanish people has never been so low. However tourists continue to flock in and visit this beautiful country. The government is using all means available to welcome them correctly. The Chinese who are known to travel easily are visiting Spain more and more and this is the reason why casino management is encouraging its staff to learn chinese. This new measure isn’t taken lightly and from now on staff are evaluated on their ability to use this language.
Chinese players are welcomed royally since the best places are reserved for them and beautiful Chinese hostesses have been employed to welcome them. Spain hopes in this way to re-launch the gaming market and isn’t skimping on the means to do this even advertising in Chinese in the local newspapers. It is also betting on online gambling because since the 1st of June, it has regulated this market authorising operators who hold licences to do business legally. It also plans to set up a mini Las Vegas in the country by creating 6 casinos, 12 hotels, 9 theatres and three golf courses. Sheldon Adelson, property tycoon and the owner of several casinos is behind this project. He wishes to invest in Spain if his demands are met such as a VAT exemption, the authorisation to smoke in his casinos…This project is a breath of fresh air for Spain since it will create more than 250 000 jobs.