Speed Baccarat: The fastest of online baccarat tables

Speed Baccarat is the fastest of live baccarat tablesThings are still moving in Evolution Gaming. Never short of innovative ideas to captivate players, the Riga based developer has just launched its new online live dealer gaming table. This time it’s a new version of Baccarat: Speed Baccarat. In the same vein as the recently launched Speed Roulette from the same developer, this new form of the game should appeal to players who are in a hurry.

Live Dealers Casino has tested this rapid version baccarat table and these are the details to remember.

For baccarat players who are in a hurry

Very popular in casinos worldwide and particularly those in Asia, Baccarat is one of the easiest card games to play. To follow the rules, players don’t have a lot to do and the games take place quite quickly. This is one of the reasons why it’s so popular and Evolution Gaming has built on this element with its new version. While a classic Live Baccarat game lasts about 48 seconds, the Riga based developer has put in place a system whereby games take only 27 seconds, almost twice as quick. This allows online players, who don’t have much time, to play several games one after the other. In this way, the waiting time between two games is also very reduced compared to those at the usual live tables.

Changes compared to traditional baccarat tables

In order to arrive at the reduced playing times in this version’s games, the dealers at these tables deal the first cards face up. In contrast to the classic version where the dealer maintains the mystery about the bank’s second card, here, the player can see it immediately and knows at the same time if he has won, lost or if the game will go on. In the first case, the dealer continues systematically with the following action depending on the hands present. So speed and dexterity are needed at these tables. By proceeding in this manner, the length of the games is greatly reduced and the player can concentrate on what is important.

The same rules as the standard version

Apart from the difference mentioned in the previous paragraph, the rules of Live Speed Barracat are  the same as those of Standard Live Baccarat. So the player always has to decide whether the Bank or the player will have the stronger hand. The possible bets are the same as are the pay outs for winning bets.

Where you can play Live Speed Baccarat

Several of Evolution Gaming’s partner casinos already offer Live Speed Baccarat in their live dealer sections. Included in these are MrXbet, Lucky31 Casino and Dublinbet, which are among the most reliable casinos in the market at the moment.