Running a gaming establishment is possible once the regulations are scrupulously respected. Regular inspections allow verification that casinos follow the instructions that they are given. However it does happen that in spite of everything some of them have the nasty surprise of being reprimanded. This is what happened to the Gujan-Mestras Casino which was forced to close its establishment for a week in March. The Interior Ministry and the Direction of Racing and Gaming who brought about this case claim that the casino hasn’t respected the regulations to the letter. Several times, breaches were noticed and made known to the director of the establishment but he didn’t take these warnings seriously. The director of the company which manages this casino, Socodem, Mr. Sentob Toledano refutes this. He claims that he was the target of incessant inspections and that he is the victim of harassment. He gives as an example, not announcing poker tournaments which should be at three weeks while his casino gave two weeks notice.The senator mayor of Gujan- Mestras, Marie-Hélène des Esgaulx confirms Sentob Toledano’s statements. She claims that since the opening of the Gujan-Mestras Casino that there have been several reprimands. According to her the punishment is too much and seriously affects her commune.Two adjournments in the Administrative Court haven’t been heard and to date the casino is facing a loss of revenue of 190 000 euros. This categorical measure will serve as a lesson to all casinos which don’t respect the regulations. The Racing and Gaming Administration claims that this action is necessary for the implementation of the rules imposed on casinos. Casinos will definitely make sure that this punishment isn’t dished out again.